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Mag-10 & Alpha Male

Hey guys, this will be my first using Mag-10/Alpha Male.

I originally bought the Mag-10 by itself and once I read the instructions inside the bottle it said i should do 2 weeks on and then 2 weeks off, and use Tribex/Red kat during those two weeks off. Since tribex and red kat arnt made any longer i assumed Alpha Male would fit the bill nicely. Is this correct ?

However i am worried about gaining too much weight (im 5’7 180lbs) and want to maintain my athletism as im an athlete looking to get more strength and explosive power as well as put on some muscles.

Im an avid slow pitch softball player in the summer and mens league basketball player in the winter. Im 34, so im hoping that ill regain some of my youthfull power and speed by working my ass off in the gym along with these products. Any suggestion for a guy thats extremely busy and squeezing in gym time. Is it possible to do a three day a week routine and be successfull?

Thanks in advance for all your advice, im continueing to read all i can here so sorry if some of the questions are redundant in nature.


Yes - there are lot’s of ways to get strong hitting the gym 3 days/week. I would suggest splitting the body up something like this (but, there are thousands of combos you could do).

Chest, Back, Abs
Shoulders and Legs
Arms and Abs

Use a lot of weight with medium-high volume, since it’s a once a week routine. I’m a 225 natural body builder that has found good success using this routine. But, since I may be a bit more seasoned than you, you might need a 2/week/body part. So, try this:

Chest heavy pressing, Leg compounds, Shoulder raise, Abs
Chest flying, Back Heavy, Tris, Calves
Shoulder presses, Back light, Hams, Bis, Abs

Don’t forget, sound nutrition is more important than any supplement or any workout. That will make the biggest and fastest difference in your body. As far as getting too big to be athletic, at 225 pounds I can keep up with just about anyone, in any sport. It’s all about what that 225 is made of. Put on lean mass and you can easily be 200 and actually get faster and more athletic than at 180.

Good luck!