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Mag-10 Alone

Quick question - I know the people at Biotest advise users cycle Mag-10 with Tribex & M for two week periods. I was wondering whether it’s okay to cycle Mag-10 alone for alternating 2-week cycles? It’s all pretty expensive. Will T-levels suffer so much coming off a 2-week Mag-10 cycle that it’s not worth it at all to use until you have enough cash to buy the other supps? what kind of gains would one expect if they went on a 2-week cycle of Mag-10 and never touched the stuff (or any other non-protein supps) again? I’ve heard something called “clomid” mentioned as an “inexpensive alternative” to M+Tribex. Isn’t clomid used to help women with fertility problems? thanks

in case you’re curious, i’ve been working out ‘intelligently’ for about 1.5 years; am 22, 5’10", 175, around 10% bf. ps-i’ve already bought the mag-10. thanks again.

You’ll probably want to take 4 weeks off in between cycles if not using some sort of T recovery agent.

It’s actually ‘deus’, but don’t mind my nitpicking. :slight_smile:

heh - thanks bro; i still would like to hear more if anyone has any input at all. is a two week cycle of mag-10 alone a prudent decision? as eric said suggested above, should i wait 4 weeks till doin it again afterwards?

My boy Eric is right. You’ll want to take 4 weeks off if using no recovery agents.

And YES! As long as all of your ducks are in a row and you are prepared to train as hard and as much as you can tolerate, a 2 week cycle is worth doing. Personally, I think going at 1.5 doses for 9-10 days is the better option if you tend to gain fat with training on all but 1 day in the middle.

Hey I just got some of that 4 AC-EC. Has anyone had much luck with the stuff. I’m hoping to gain a few lbs of muscle with it.

like the others said, yes you can make great gains considering you put in the effort, dedication, and proper dieting for the two weeks, and yes, it would be wise to wait longer between cycles if you dont plan on using any recovery agents.

Jason, or anyone else, have you tried shorter cycles of Mag-10? I find I tend to make my best lean mass gains the first week, and more fat than anything else the second week. I’ve tired 1.5 doses for two weeks with the same results. Shorter, more frequent cycles may be just what I need. I’d be interested in hearing some feedback from someone who’s tried it.

Just wanted to throw my hat in along with the others.

If you plan to do a single, stand alone two week cycle of Mag-10, then a recovery agent is not necessary. I asked this question of Bill Roberts about a year back and that was the response.

However, if, as you mentioned, you want to do alternating 2 week cycles, it would certainly be in your best interest to use recovery agents. While a stack of Tribex and M would be optimal, you could really use one or the other. If that is the case, I would use Tribex.

Keep in mind if you order Tribex from another place, like DPSnutrition, you’re getting it for around $25-30, which isn’t bad. Also, you can pick up some Vitex for about 5 bucks, which will aid in recovery.

As big Cressey suggets, if you’re not going to use any recovery aids, then four weeks off between ‘on’ cycles is best.

Hope this helps.

In regards to the shorter cycles, I have had better experience this way and have found that I tend to add too much fat if I really eat big during the last few days of a 2 week cycle.

As mentioned before, I think the best protocol for me is to use 1.5 doses/day for 9-10 days while eating big during those days and training on all but one. Prior to this cycle and after this cycle, volume should me be reduced.