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MAG-10 Again!

Hi, I am at about 35% bf right now would mag-10
be as benificial for me as far as strength and lbm gains as it would be for someone in the 10% range. Or will it just make me fatter?

I have three bottles and I am dying to try the stuff!

ps. When does the next hard copy of T-Mag come out?

Thanks, KraigY

How can something with eleven calories make you fat? (Hint: It can’t. Overeating makes you fat, not MAG-10.)

Just as Tek said, it is food (calories) that determines your bodyfat. If you’re taking in more calories than your burning or you’re eating very unhealthy foods or your combining carbs and fat or a combination of the above then you will be fat. MAG-10 won’t make you fat. Are you trying to lose bodyfat or not? If so, save the MAG-10 until you diet yourself down. At 35% bodyfat you’re severely out of shape and obese. You should not be concerned with strength levels but with your health.

If you are at 35% bf you might want to think about taking some time to research proper eating and training guidelines before you get into the habit of depending on supplements to fix your problems

The amount of muscle gain you can have isn’t less because of your higher bodyfat percentage. So in that sense now is as good
a time as any to use MAG-10.

But on the other hand, at that bodyfat percentage training and dieting for fat loss without androgens can be highly productive, much more productive than for someone at much lower bodyfat. So if it were a question of whether using 3 bottles (and only 3 bottles, never more) of MAG-10 now, or much later after a dieting program, would be the more efficient plan, later use would be the more efficient.

Hi, I have lost about 10% bf in the last 6 months and now my diet and Lifting program is pretty sound. I am now using the 5x5 method as recomended by joel marion.

right now I am shooting for about 1750c per day. How much if any should I increase my caloric intake when taking mag-10?

I know about the massive eating plan but I think the calories are way to excessive for me.

Right now I am doing the Winning Formula using 5x5 do you think I should be working out twice per day or will the 5 hours of lifting per week be adiquate?

My lbm 1s 141lb and I am Shooting for: 190g protein 141g carbs 42g fat

How Much should I increase these without adding a huge amount of calories?

Again, I have read all of the articles but I think they are geared more for people with less than about 15% bf (give me another 6 months and I'll get there!)

As always your thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated!


Kraig, I wouldn’t increase my caloric intake if I were you. You need to lose weight. Mag10 may help you retain muscularity but your first goal should be to shed fat. With or without Mag10, cut calories, exercise hard, take a thermogenic and get you bf% down to no more than 15% and then worry about increasing calories.