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MAG-10 Aftermath

I will be starting a cycle of MAG-10 soon and I am wondering what to take after is most helpful.

I think a similar question had been covered, but I can’t seem to find it using the search function. So, I have just 1 question about Carbolin 19. I used to take Alpha Male and M, but since Carbolin 19 came out and that act like Anavar, i am thinking of taking that so i can keep more of what i gained.

The question is should I take Carbolin 19 + Alpha Male + M altogether after the cycle? Or Carbolin 19 (max dose) and then Alpha Male + M?

My goal is hypertrophy.

Thanks in advance!

I would go with Carbolin 19 and Alpha Male, post MAG-10. The Carbolin 19 will keep/further your gains, while the Alpha Male ensures proper functioning.

There’s no need to use M with Alpha Male any more, as Alpha Male now contains Vitex.

Enjoy the MAG-10!

thanks atmosphere!

I still have a bottle of M in my supp. draw. Since i don’t need to take it with Alpha Male anymore, when is the best time to take it? or where does it fit in the MAG-10 scene?


No problem!

I’d probably save it for after you decided to stop using Alpha Male.

If, for your PCT, you’re using one of the cycling options for Alpha Male (say five days on, two days off), you could use the M on your two off days.

But, since it is post MAG-1O, I’d probably use Alpha Male every day anyways, and save the M for after that.

Hope that makes sense.