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MAG 10 after a steroid cycle


Hey guys, just a question... I just came from Mexico (I'm form Mexico). About two months ago I finished an 18 week cycle that looks something like this:
week 1: 250 mg d bol(ref B)
250 mg equipoise
500 mg sust 250
1500 mg primoteston
50 mg serophene
week 2-18: same but dropped the primoteston and did instead 1000 mg sust 250 per week.
Now my question is... since the availability of legally finding this compounds here in Minnesota is difficult (no contacts), I just ordered MAG-10 and was wondering if it will work any... what I'm saying is I weigh at 191 lbs and I'm about 5' 8" and want to bulk up to like 215... will this be possible just with MAG-10 and Tribex? I'm about 8% bf. Help please... going all natural sounds TOO metrosexual aghhhhhhh!!!


What's your PCT after an 18 week cycle like that?

Also, I'm sure there's plenty of guys around these boards that would argue about being natural = metrosexual.


Ok... forget the all natural=metrosexual... I just want to know if I can make decent gains on Mag- 10 and Tribex.


Yes you can definitely make good gains with Mag-10 and Tribex.


Mag 10 is a pro steroid stack. If you want to remain "on" then do the mag 10. This will get you through the taper of your longer acting esterfied drugs, and give you a better shot at recovery. Tribex stimulates Lh production so it should be taken by itself after you've finished all steroids and prohormones. try to find some clomid or nolvadex to take with the tribex.


Wow. You're 191 lbs and you're pushing that much juice in you? The use of Mag-10 would be the least of my concerns right now.


I really appreciate your comments... and the input. Mass Nutrition, this cycle was over about 2 months ago, yes I understand it might be a little kamikaze to do a cycle like that, but to all of you: I did take Serophene (clomiphene citrate) and it worked really good but I only did it for the first two or three weeks. You will not believe what am about to tell you, I've had no problems with erections although I did have a little problem with shrinkage (it's not bad, everything's back to normal) and, I had absolutely no problems with gyno even though the dosages were a little heavy. Now, I'm not really looking to recover P22, I just want to make new gains with MAG 10 and wanna know if it's possible. Now you may wonder why don't I want to recover... the thing is that I just feel fine, and if someone would care to please explain why did't I have any problems with gyno. Like I said I took Serophene the first few weeks and then dropped it, and I guess Serophene is much better than Nolvadex and it's the same as clomid. But really, I can assure you I feel fine!!! Honest to God, I feel nothing out of the normal here... What gives??? Does anyone have an answer?
Thanx. k.


Yes, it will work. Mainly in strength gains.

No, I do not believe that is possible. 26 lbs would not be possible especially if you pushed that much juice previous and are only 191 lbs (I dont know what you weighed prior to the cycle). At 5'8 you may be near some natural limits. If not, I would wager that that natural limit is definately less than 215. I think either:

1) you didnt train very hard at all while on. Mag10 isnt the miracle you seek here either.
2) you didnt feed your body enough of life's natural juice...protein.
3) you got bogus gear...with all that you were on its hard to believe it was all bogus, but you might check the sust. At that level, wow, you should have felt sumptin'. Not much reason to counterfeit in Mehico, but you never know.
4) any combination of 1,2, and 3

5) this is just a guess, but it sounds like for some reason your body might just not respond to exogenous hormonal supplementation...if your gear was authentic.

I just have this feeling that you did an 18 week cycle of dbol and eq. At the level of dbol you were taking, I would also have to wonder at its authenticity. Did you get your gear directly from a pharmacy or from a friend of a friend, etc?


Thanks for your reply to my post bro...
Ok... prior to cycle I was about 178, BUT when I started training some 8 years ago I was 130 lbs!
About food you're right at the begining I was eating that well since I went through a depression, afterwards I was eating well. Regarding bogus gear I don't think that was it. I bought the sus 250 from pharmacies in Mexico City and Organon! The d-bol (reforvit B) I bought directly from vet suppliers or my dogs vet.
You know, I don't know... I did respond, the only thing that happened that I believe is that I went up in size and not so much in weight, if that makes any sense. Of course my strength went through the roof and I was pretty cut and vascular. My diet consisted between 70 and 80% protein if not more, also I didn't retain a lot of water. So I guess most of the 13-15 lbs I gained were lean muscle...


Since you already have the Mag-10 coming, it is actually pretty simple. You have two options:

1) Send me the Mag-10 and I'll see if it works. I'll pay shipping. :slight_smile:

2) Give it a shot yourself. Whats it going to hurt?

I'll just assume you are going to go the second route. So I'll just leave you a few tips...

1) Youve read before...you can bulk or you can cut. When you try to do both simultaneously, neither result is very dramatic. Do one then the other.
If youve read much on here, youve heard that diet is the key. I used to not understand that, but 15 lbs later has be believing. I stated previously that protein is what you need. I stick to that, but when bulking you also need to increase your carb intake. I would sit down and figure out your caloric needs from each category, protein, carb, and fats. They are all important. Put some high octane into that tank.

2) There is no use to have high octane in your tank if you leave it parked in the garage, so when you are on Mag-10, eating right, then your training should reflect it. Dont expect Mag-10 (or anything) to work miracles. It will help but you have to build the muscle yourself. Go heavy, go hard, then go home and recover. I would incorporate some of the olympic lifts (deadlift, squats, bench, cleans) if you havent already. I would start working on the form before you begin Mag-10 so once you do begin you will be able to use heavy weights.

No that doesnt make any sense. haha

Like I mentioned before, being in Mehico I doubt your gear was bogus but it is strange that you didnt see sides with all that pumping in you. Sounds to me like you just werent eating enough if you came out of your cycle "pretty cut and vascular". The lack of carbs would contribute to that.

There are several methods being discussed on the "optimum" Mag-10/Tribex dosage schedule, but I would probably try 3 weeks on Mag-10 (i know it says two), 2 weeks on Tribex and then repeat for a total of 10 weeks.

Let us know how that turns out.


Thanx Thumper!!! Yeah, it also seems very strange to me not to see any side effects! I did get the acne on my back but not as heavy. And yeah, you're right I wasn't eating much carbs. Oh, by the way... what I meant was that my measurements were bigger even though the weight gain wasn't that "dramatic".
Like I said before, the gear was totally legit... I miss it!!!
As far as training goes, I've been doing all the basic movements (squats, deadlifts and variations, weighted chins, benches etc...). Do you think if everything goes according to plan that i could put on at least 10 lbs so I could reach the 200 lbs mark?
Thanx for the input.


If that is your plan then stick to it.

Accept no less.

At 5'8" you are genetically probably not going to be able to hover at 200 without feeding the machine big time. Diet is going to be very important so get it straight.


Thumper, yeah, I hear you... I gotta eat a lot more more. I'm guessing between the 4000/5000 calorie range. For me to hit 200 lbs would be awesome! I started training at 130 lbs and yeah, genetics is not the best gift my parents gave me, but I've worked and continue to work hard to achieve my goals. If I can push it to 200 with MAG-10, then pehaps another heavy cycle would get me over probably 215-220. What do you think?