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Mag-10 after a 2 month layoff

A thread entitled ‘mag-10 for beginners’ prompted me to write this as alot of people seem to have some strong opinions on people using androgens when they’ve not fully explored all the ‘natural’ routes to hugeness!

Now i’m not a beginner, been training for nearly five years and put on 28lbs in that time, currently 182lbs. I have a bottle of mag-10, sent to me in error by a UK supp company when i ordered some ‘M’, lucky me :wink: I’m just about to come off a two month layoff that i took to work on my flexability, limited R.O.M. issues were causing me some problems at the time.

OK here is the deal, i've just applied for a job in Australia and i'm confident i'll get it (find out at the end of this week). If all goes well i'll need to use the mag-10 within about a month so i've approx 4-5 weeks training before i go to Oz and i'm sure you all know that i can't take it with me.

Now i know i’ve not reached my ‘genetic limit’ as i’m still learning about diets and training having only discovered T-mag about 8-9 months ago. What i’d like to ask you T-maggers out there is what sort of training and diet should i follow in this short period of time, remember i’ve had two months off all training and been on a ‘normal person’ diet (BF still about the same and only lost 1lbs LMB). I’ve also all the free time you can wave a shitty stick at as i’ll finish my current contract at the end of this week. This leaves 4-5 weeks of total dedication to the cause.

Lets have them opinions!!!

So no one has any thoughts on this?


How about the Growth Surge Project?

Growth Surge part 1 is a pretty good suggestion. But given your schedule, you may want to get two upper body and two lower body training sessions in one weeek. After that, you could follow whatever hypertrophy program you feel works well. I tried GS part II and put on 6lbs in two weeks with only creatine (which was loaded before that time). Remember that Mag-10 will require you to eat like a bastard, and with Mag-10 you should cut out the fat from your diet. What worked well for me was using weight gainer, but if you don’t want all that sugar (or added cost) you could mix raw oatmeal with a protein shake in a blender. Other suggestions include putting the oatmeal in a coffee grinder to make it suitable for use in a shake. If you alternate a meal with an oatmeal/protein shake, you should be able to make the calories for your gains. After GS II, you can use a 5x5 routine to maintain whatever stregth you gained and cut some fat. Hope this helped