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Mag-10 after 12 weeks

Ok- so the recommendation for mag-10 is 2 on 2 off for 12 weeks. What then? Do you need to go off for a period of time, or can you go 2 on 2 off indefinately?

When it comes to pharmaceutical anabolic
steroids, there are some who choose to be
“on” for half the time, years on end. There
are also some who are “on” 2/3 of the time,
some who are “on” all the time, and quite
a few who are “on” about one third of the
time, for example doing a couple of 8 week
cycles per year.

The results of this are that the 1/3 value
can give quite excellent results provided
training and nutrition are right when “off.”
Most who are not competing can be completely
happy with these results and it’s probably
the best approach for the health.

Being “on” half the time does give noticeably
more results but if the 1/3 of the time approach is done right, the difference is modest though certainly enough to make a difference in competition.

The same is true but to an even lesser degree
with reference to being “on” 2/3 of the time
compared to half. Being “on” all the time I think has no advantage whatsoever compared to “only” 2/3.

How this applies to your question is you
could certainly do 2 on / 2 off for extended periods of time. Depending on your goals, preferences, and personal philosophies, you might prefer dropping back to 2 on / 4 off after a time.

What would the effect be of doing 4 MAG-10 cycles (2 weeks Mag 10 - 2 weeks Tribex)? How would I taper down? I am 50, so my T-level has already started to drop. How long could I expect to hold on to my gains?

Tapering down isn’t necessary.

Four MAG-10 cycles should provide quite
substantial muscle gains (20 lb LBM should
be possible with appropriate diet and training).

Whether your T levels really have significantly dropped or not can’t be determined just from your age. There’s certainly a tendency to decline but any given individual might be doing quite well.

If your T levels really are poor (near
the bottom of the normal range or actually
below it) then I’d try Clomid, then HCG,
and finally testosterone replacement therapy
in that order to normalize it.

If testosterone levels are normal, then
I’d expect complete retention of everything that was gained under MAG-10 if that is still within what could have been attained, eventually, naturally, or about half retention of what was gained beyond that point. If testosterone levels are subnormal, I really don’t know what would be retained. I’d think it would be less.

Oh: and for how long gains are retained,
the process of dropping down to a new mass set-point, so to speak, according to the hormone levels you will be having then, is a slow one, taking months if training and nutrition are