MAG-10 Advice

I have a bottle of over 400 MAG-10 destroyer capsules-should I use them or will they do more harm than good?

Other than the fact that MAG-10 is no longer legal in some jurisdictions, it will still work exactly as it always has.

So, assuming you know what you are doing and are of appropriate age and have your PCT’s set up, then I don’t see why you wouldn’t use them as you see fit.

I suspect the search engine will dig out talk of various strategies.

2 weeks on, 2 weeks off. Please read Berardis “Massive Eating” articles. don’t waste it, if you aren’t going to dedicate time to

  1. the workout
  2. eating
  3. recovery - sleep

If I recall correctly, if the caps are BLACK, it’s 5 in the morning, 5 in the evening. If they are clear, it’s 6 caps in the morning, 6 in the pm.

Oh, and here are some of the greatest links to T-Nation diet programs.;jsessionid=D77FABA34C06505BD6BF6F0E57287BD8.hydra?id=629609

Scroll down and you will see the Massive eating series.

Following your 2 weeks on MAG-10, you want to follow it up with your PCT (post cycle therapy). You want to maintain your gains, while your testes are recovering. So, continue to eat, and take Alpha Male 3caps AM, 3caps PM, M-F, off on Sat/Sun.

Methoxy-7 and Carbolin 19 are optional…but I like to stack Carbolin 19 with the MAG-10, then continue the Carbolin 19 thru PCT.

I wouldn’t suggest anymore than 2 cycles of MAG-10 back-to-back, then allow your body to adjust to the new weight. Focus on Strength more than hypertrophy after your cycles to keep the gains.