MAG-10 Advice

Hey guys, just ordered some MAG-10 and I wanted to get some advice on how to use it, as I’ve never done a pro-hormone before .

I know it’s a 2 week cycle, is it best served durring a hypertrophy phase, strength phase, or cutting phase. I would think hypertrophy, but I wonder if it would help if I was in a cutting phase–which I am currently–with keeping muscle.

Do I need as much recovery while doing MAG-10, or should I really go all out, I’m currently workout 4 times a week, I could go up to 6 to be more aggressive if less recovery is needed.

I’ve got a bottle of M and Alpha Male. When the 2 week cycle is over for MAG-10, I should switch to Alpha Male right? When do I take M, is that while I’m taking the MAG-10?

Is MAG-10 going to make me horny? Alpha Male does. Is there going to be any kind of sling shot between switching back and forth, I would think MAG-10 might have an even stronger effect.

Is MAG-10 going to give me oily skin?

Thanks any advice you have, please share.

I haven’t used Mag-10, and probably can’t accurately give you the answers you’re looking for as I’m not overly familiar with it, but try looking up the articles the T-Mag guys have put together about Mag-10.

From what I recall they’ve got all kinds of pieces about the product and what it can do, using it on bulking and cutting cycles, and there’d be a lot of info in the Q&A pieces from the questions people have submitted.

Do a search, I’m confident that you’ll find all the info you’re after in T-Mag articles.

How is your cycle treatin ya thus far?

[quote]Slick5000 wrote:
I know it’s a 2 week cycle, is it best served durring a hypertrophy phase, strength phase, or cutting phase.[/quote]

Slick, Definately for hypertrophy.

Recovery should be more rapid so go all out. And eat like a pig, but clean. You should be livin’ at the all-you-can-eat buffet for those two weeks.

Yes, switch to Alpha Male at the end of the MAG-10 cycle. Stack the M with the Alpha Male and take as per the directions on the bottle.

I think some people have experienced this, but I didn’t notice an increase in oil.

If I was going to make one suggestion for a cycle it would be to lift big and eat big. If you don’t, you’ll be short changing yourself during the cycle.

Good luck.

Thanks T-bone2,

That was great advice.

I’ve got a new olympic smith machine being delivered this week (i just moved and I’m getting my home gym in order), so the day it gets here is the day I’m going to start my 2 week cycle. I’ll eat like a ‘clean’ pig, and hit the weights like there is no tomorrow.

Two questions…

Do you mix in any cardio while on MAG-10, or just skip that?

Does MAG-10 inhibbit normal testerone production (I bet it does, which is why the after cycle of Alpha Male and M). Has anyone experienced loss of sex drive while doing MAG-10? Or is the 2 week cycle short enough that no one is bothered by this?

[quote]Slick5000 wrote:
Thanks T-bone2,
Does MAG-10 inhibbit normal testerone production (I bet it does, which is why the after cycle of Alpha Male and M). Has anyone experienced loss of sex drive while doing MAG-10? Or is the 2 week cycle short enough that no one is bothered by this?[/quote]

I’ve done cycles of up to 4+ weeks with no Tribex 500 or other post cycle supps, and although I retained my gains much better when using Methoxy-7, M, and or TRIBEX or Alpha Male MAG-10 is simply just not all that suppresive. You wouldn’t want to do it for too long as you’d definitely experience some amount of suppresion much past 4 weeks.

If Cy can chime in on this though his would be the definitive answer.

[quote]Slick5000 wrote:
Two questions…

Do you mix in any cardio while on Mag 10, or just skip that?[/quote]

Personally, I would save the cardio for when the total bulking cycle is complete. You are going to gain some fat, but it shouldn’t be a lot if you eat clean. For example, if I was to do two weeks Mag-10 followed by two weeks Alpha Male and M and repeat this cycle three times (three months total), I would put off the cardio until the three months are complete. You can fine tune during the two week Alpha Male recovery cycle(s), if needed. How you want to handle the cardio portion is really dependent on personal goals and individual physiology, but you want to get the most out of the bulking effects of Mag-10.

Yes, I’ve noticed it near the end of the two week cycle, but it came back quickly during the Alpha Male cycle. While there is, I believe, data to support this, your milage will vary based on individual physiology.

Good luck!

So, I’m nearing the end of my first 2 week cycle of MAG-10, and I have to say I’m very pleased. I gained 4 pounds and lost 1 point of body fat… all this while in the middle of relocating across country, doing my best to eat as much clean food as I could get ahold of, trying to workout real hard and get proper rest.

Clearly though, with everything involved in moving I wasn’t able to attack my program the way I would have liked to, and still the results were very good. So, I’m convinced hat MAG-10 works.

Also, I experienced NO negative side effects. I was particularly worried about testosterone supression, but have had no trouble at all.

So, I’m wondering if I should go for another week to two weeks now that things are slowing down with my move, or if I should cycle off and onto M and Alpha Male. What are the thoughts? Are most of you cycling MAG-10 for 2 or 4 weeks? Is it better to cycle off and give your body a break from it, kind of keeping with the general ‘keep your body confused’ policy that applies to so many bodybuilding efforts?

I’ll appreciate any feedback.

Slick, I’ve done 2 weekers, 2 week double dosers, 3 week singles and doubles, and one 4 weeker (first two weeks single dose, second two weeks double dose). I’ve found that 2 little weeks isn’t long enough for good gains to really kick in and solidify. I personally don’t like 4 week cycles because I do experiance a small degree of natural shutdown. So, my last cycle was a three week double doser (1 serv MAG-10, 1 serv 4-AD-EC) and I loved it. I’m gonna stick with that protocal until my supplies run dry. I would definately recommend this to anyone else.

Thanks Soldierslim, I’m going to follow your advice. Starting next week, right now I’m entering week 2 of the recovery phase, I’m going to start a 3 week double cycle, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Can anyone recommend guidelines for diet and amount of time in the gym during a cycle of MAG-10? How many calories, carbs, protein, fat, etc? And how many times per day/week to lift, etc. Is one body part per week ok?

I usually work one part per day on a 5 day routine, so each part gets hit once a week basically. I’m sure there are suggested diets and workout plans on T-Nation but I cant seem to find them.

Look for Growth Surge, parts 1, 2 and 3
Part 2 is recommended for Mag-10, although I’m sure many people use other programs.

Now, for the diet, I’d be interested in what people have to say.

Slick, good luck! Are you double dosing with MAG-10 alone, or are you going with MAG-10 and 4-AD-EC? If using the later stack be sure to use the MAG-10 in the morning and the 4-AD-EC in the evening in order to minimize any posible suppresion issues.

As far as diet goes, Protein and Carbs rule the day. Since you wont be needing saturated fats to assist in testosterone production, I’d cut them out as much as possible. With your enhaced anabolism protein and carbs will help with muscle building much more than fat will. I’ve heard suggestions to keep total fat intake around 10% of total kcals. Now think about that. Your gonna wanna bump total kcals up significantly, WHILE eliminating calorically dence fats. This is hard to do. Egg Yolks with breakfast? Gone!, Beef for lunch? Gone! Regular fat cotage cheese? Gone. You get the picture. It kinda goes against traditional bulking rules were faty foods were easy sources of calories. All egg white frittatas suck, but it’s only three little weeks. Switch all beef intake to chicken or turkey sources. Eat oatmeal, long-grain rice, potatoes of all kinds, milk, etc… throughout the day. I personally switch ALL servings of Low Carb-Grow! to Classic Grow!, this is a brainless way of bumping up carbs and kcals while keeping fat in check. Now, essential oils still need to be consumed. These should make up most of that 10% total. Personally, I go with 5 PC meals and 1 PF meal at bedtime (slow digesting protein sources and ALL EFA’s for the day). Try that on for size! Hah!, sorry I could’nt help myself.

I was not aware of the limitations on fat during a cycle. Can anyone else chime in on % of calories from fat, carbs, and protein on a cycle? Thanks