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MAG-10 advice for pre-contest dieting

I going to enter my first bodybuilding show sometime in September/October. I just finished my bulking phase of 4 weeks using MAG-10 (4 weeks straight)and gained 25lbs! I am up to 220lbs. I started my contest diet last Monday. I plan on writing a diary and posting it on the forum but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

My question is on Mag-10 usage. Should I go on a 2 on/2 off for the entire pre-contest diet? Should I go 4on/4off? Should I just use it the last 4-8 weeks right before the show when I will need it the most to preserve lbm?

I just need a dosing protocol for this thread.

Don’t start talking about proper diet or anything else. I will post that on another thread with hopefully pictures. I will give you my diet/training/ supplement plan there to critique, but for now I JUST WANT THE BEST DOSING PROTOCOL FOR MY PRE-CONTEST DIET?

You dont feel you could diet down safely without the mag 10 and save it for another bulk after the show???

I just like seeing Mag 10 used for what it was meant to build mass.

As far as your question I would lean toward using it at the end when you are at greatest risk of loss of LBM.


Actually Phill, I totally agree with you. I wanted other peoples opinion about this. I never competed before so I wanted to keep as much LBM as possible for the show…

25 lbs? Dear god! Any idea on how much of that was lbm?

I’m starting a bulking phase w/Mag-10 here pretty soon. Gotta love hearing positive stories like this!

Boondoggler- Not sure exactly how much was lbm. I guess half-n-half…It seemed I stayed at the same BF% even though I put on 25 lbs in 4 weeks…Everyone thought I was on steroids at my gym and nobody believed me when I said all I used was Mag-10. I did eat 8 meals a day and about 400-450 grams of protein a day though and I put in a lot of hard work at the gym…training 1-2x a day/4-6 times a week…