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mag 10 + 4ad (for bill)

Question for Bill or anyone else.
As I understand it 4AD is v. mild in terms of T suppression. Would it be ok in regards to suppression to add say 5ml daily of 4AD to Tribex and M between 2 week cycles of mag 10. Thus helping to solidify gains made on the Mag 10 weeks without running into the suppression probs of an 8 week Mag 10 cycle. Any coments would be appreciated.

I would rather not assume so. Until proven otherwise, I’d prefer that off weeks be completely off with regards to MAG-10 and 4-AD-EC.

Bill, is your reason for saying that is because since 4ad is a big part of mag10 that you think using 4ad in between will reduce the effect of the next cycle? That is what I would guess.

thanks for the prompt response.
I don’t quite understand if the 4ad can be used for 6-8 weeks in low doses without significant suppression issues why it could’nt be used the same way between the mag 10. sorry if this sounds pushy, i just want to try something slightly different as i have done 2 week cycles of mag 10 before (with good results). thanks

How many ‘single recommended doses’ are in a bottle of Mag10 ?

The expectation that 4-AD-EC can be used
for 8 weeks with little issues of apparent suppression (as judged by adverse effect or rather generally lack thereof on testes) or recoveyr issues afterwards is based on results with 2x/day Androsol use. But recovery after a cycle where there indeed was suppression is not the exact same thing and I don’t want to assume that there would be no adverse effect. Another issue is that due to the long duration of action the 4-AD-EC would disguise whether recovery is occurring or not. If you were remaining suppressed, you wouldn’t know it since T levels would remain normal from the 4-AD-EC and 4-AD levels would be elevated, making you feel fine. Whereas with 1x/day Androsol usage applied morning only, each morning prior to application you have this period of depending almost entirely on your natural androgen levels, the Androsol having worn off, so you can tell what is happening.

thanks again for the info Bill. I think this ‘extra support’ you guys give us is what elevates Biotest head and shoulders above the other supp companies out there. thanks again.

Bill, in your opinion would your previous comments concerning the continuous use of approximately 1.5 ml of 4-AD-EC a day to mimic 20 sprays a day of Androsol still suffice concerning low natural T suppression? I’ve posted before that I’ve actually been doing this regimen even since 4-AD-EC came out and I am quite pleased with the way it makes me feel. However, if this continued use will adversely effect my natural T production, then perhaps I wouldn’t want to do this anymore. So far I feel great; but as you’ve mentioned in your posts to this question, it appears this “good feeling” I have might be the 4-AD-EC masking low T.

I’d expect that that dose would be low enough
to have minimal and perhaps no significant adverse effect on natural T production, but you’re right, unlike Androsol applied morning-only, you’ll have a masking effect to where you can’t be sure what your natural T production is. But personally though I’d feel confident the dose you’re using would not be a problem: it’s only 1/6 of label dose. It’s larger doses that could potentially be suppressive, but which you couldn’t tell if they were or not from how you feel, that I think are of concern.

(And unfortunately, there’s no sharp dividing
line of what I’m confident would be OK and what might be a risk, but I do think you’re within the OK range. I just don’t know how much further up one could push it for continuous use.)