Mag 10 + 4AD-EC

Would their be any appreciable benefit to incorporating additional 4AD-EC into a Mag10 cycle? Specifically, one dose of M10 in the morning, followed by 1 dose of 4AD-EC in the evening…Just a thought.


That would be sort of like taking a dose and a half of MAG-10 since 4-AD-EC is already part of the MAG-10 formula. I don’t see a problem with it though a double dose of MAG-10 instead would probably lead to better gains.

For most it would probably be better to take
a dose and a half of MAG-10, being a better balance of Class I and Class II than you’d get by taking one dose of MAG-10 and one dose of the 4-AD-EC product.

However, some might prefer the way that you suggest out of particularly liking the “feel” of 4-AD-EC, for example.

Thanks for the feedback, fellows.