Mag 10/4AD-EC under 21?

My friend who is 17 did a couple of cycles of Mag 10 last summer and just started it up again. I told him he didn’t need that stuff especially at our age, but he didn’t listen saying how its safe and nothing can happen. What can happen internally by using this stuff at an early age and what might happen down the road. For ex: prostate helath/ endorcrine system

jreed212, check out the following thread. It’s a subject that’s oft discussed round these parts.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

WOW thanks for the help tampa terry. I’ll print this out and show my friend. Just one other question. Say if he takes tribex and red kat instead of mag 10 would be detrimental, since those are natural testosterone boosters?

Thanks tampa terry. I’ll print this out and show my friend. I just got more questions. If he then decides that he’ll just do tribex or red kat or both at the same time, will those have any negative impact since those are natural testosterone boosters?

jreed, he can take them and it wouldn’t hurt him, but it would be like pouring money down the drain. Since T levels are at an all time high, he’s not going to see any benefit. He’d get more bang for the buck putting his money into food and protein powder and maybe some Surge. Optimizing PWO nutrition is a huge area of opportunity and will help with recovery and growth, both. Have him read John Berardi’s articles, “Solving the Post-Workout Puzzle,” I & II. Let me know if you can’t find it with the search engine.

If he’s looking to put on muscle, have him come hang out on the forum and read everything he can get his hands on in the areas of nutrition and training. He’s got so much going for him at his age that if he eats big (and smart) and works out hard (and smart), he should see some kind of gains every month.