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MAG-10, 4-AD-EC stack

Dear readers I was thinking if stacking Mag10 and 4 ad-ec would be a good idea.I’ve used GHB before to release growth hormone but i was told this is bad stuff, that being the case could anyone tell me any thing that would be as strong or stronger thats safe to use with no side effects. I think that Biotest products have to be the best fucking things I’ve ever taking. Thanks to everyone for your help.

As far as stacking Mag-10 and 4 AD EC it would be a total waste of money. Bill Roberts has said in the past that Mag-10 is for faster gains while 4 AD EC is for those who like to stay on Pro hormones longer.

Mucuna extract standardized for L-Dopa taken 1st thing in morn and before bed and add GABA also at bedtime. Take both on an empty stomach. Glutamine could also be added to the bedtime stack.

There is no point to stack the two compounds because MAG-10 already contains 4-AD-EC in significant amounts and more will not have much of an effect.