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Mag-10/4-AD-EC Post Workout Thoughts

Just thought of this today. Would taking your does of Mag-10 or 4-AD-EC right after working out (with Surge) increase their effectiveness at all? My thoughts behind this are that your body is pumping the blood through your muscles at a greater rate and wanting nutrients desperately. So when taken at the same time as Surge, I would think it would wind up in the muscles faster and maybe longer.

Just a random post-workout induced thought, so let me know what you fellow T-Men thing (especially Bill, et. al.)

I do not believe so. Unlike most nutrients, steroids diffuse into cells passively, not requiring any action by the cell to take them in. Also, unlike most nutrients, there isn’t going to be a “window” with MAG-10 or 4-AD-EC where available levels in the blood are markedly higher and where you’d want to time that with your workout, and what increase there would be above the average for the day, wouldn’t be immediately after taking it.

Thanks Bill, that’s kinda what I thought the answer would be. Oh well, no fault in thinking out loud.

Definitely! :slight_smile:

Certainly the matter of how steroids go into
muscle cells is an obscure thing that
probably has never been discussed on the
Forum or in an article.

Hmmm, never been mentioned in an article before. HINT HINT!! LOL, sounds like a great idea for an article Bill.

What, an article? As in, WRITE an article?

I used to be able to do that back in the Dirty Dieting and Mesomorphosis days, mostly due to added impetus of deadline pressure. These days it seems about impossible unless Tim really breathes down my neck, which he tends not to do except when absolutely necessary. But that does remind me that I did promise to do more Chemical Solutions Q&A articles. Uh, thanks I guess… :wink:

Don’t steroids diffuse across the membrane, and are actively transported to the nucleus where they act by increasing selected RNA sequence synthesis? Yes? No? Full of S&*%? Seems like that would not lend itself to biochemical “tweaking”.