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MAG 10 & 4-AD deal

hey t-folk,

I saw, and replied, to a post about bringing back the buy 1 mag-10 get 1 4-ad-ec free deal for x-mas.

the post seems to have disapeared on the steroid forum, and i thought it was better placed her, so if you are interested post a reply so Bill & Biotest can see the interest level.

merry christmas

bump for everyone


Since I’m female, I’d rather see more deals with free bars or free LC Grow. But I’m not complaining. Being a T-nation member is awesome! Kick ass deals and cool articles! Woo hoo!

…vapor rub?

I missed the deal first time, and would very much like to take advantage of it this time

I have tried Mag10 and loved the results. I have actually been looking over the 4ad and would definitely be roped in if it came free with the purchase of Mag10. And with the good results that all the Biotest products give chances are I would buy some more afterwards. Just my two cents.

That’s “Vicks”. Vix = vixen.

Should have ordered when you first saw the deal like I did! :slight_smile:

Yes, I would buy lots if the deal came around again