Mag-10- 2 weeks bulk 2 weeks diet

Has anyone tried using md6 and t2 in between mag-10 cycles? the reason I ask is cause although I am gaining a lot of muscle, i am starting to notice some fat gain.


Are you lowering your cals in between cycles? Not a lot but maybe 400-500 less than while on mag-10. Your body should be able to handle more cals while on without putting on fat and that is why you should decrease cals. post cycle.

I wouldn’t use MD6 and T2 in between Mag-10 cycles.

When you cut calories during your "off" weeks, that alone should help reduce your bodyfat levels.

Remember, muscle that's gained quickly can also be lost quickly. You don't want to go from one extreme (bulk) to the other (cut) in a two-week timeframe. It would be better for you to do your 2 or 3 Mag-10 cycles as recommended and then gradually reduce calories afterwards to SLOWLY rid yourself of the body fat.

Hope this helps!

This is normal. Grow the muscle and fat. Stabilize. Gently diet the fat off. Repeat.

I just finished trying this. After 2 weeks on Mag-10 (heavy workouts, more calories and no cardio) where I gained about 10 pounds and actually got leaner, I decided to then try my 2 weeks off using md6 and t2 – with light workouts, heavy cardio and about the same calories. I figured the supplements and cardio would offset the extra calories.

Didn’t work – I actually gained another couple of pounds – and I lost some of my lean-ness. I’ve just started on mag-10 again (plus Myostat this time), and after 2 days, the strength levels have shot through the roof. I can’t wait to get to the gym tonight.

So should cardio be done or not?