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MAg-10: 2 on/ 2 off vs. 6 week

I have read the numerous threads on Mag-10. Everyone seems to be doing the suggested 2 on, 2 off protocol. However, I was wondering what results to expect if doing it for 6 weeks straight. I’m running clomid with the Mag-10 for good measure. Can anyone comment on this, especially anyone following the 6 week approach. Thanks in advance.

Sure, that’s fine, but make sure you have
Clomid (or Tribex + Vitex, or Tribex + M)
for after the cycle, not running out of Clomid
during the cycle.

Bill, thank you for your reply, they are always appreciated.

Is there anyone out there that can comment on possible gains from their own experience on a 6 week Mag-10 cycle.

And thirdly, is there any sense in doing 3 weeks on/ 2 weeks off/ 3 weeks on. I am looking for ways to shorten my winter bulking cycle. I want to start cutting come March.

Thanks in advance.

Thank you for giving this a bump. Got lost in the heavy post-traffic today.

I’m four weeks into a six week cycle. I have gone from 230 to 255. I have gained some fat but not too much. I can see myself getting to 260. I haven’t noticed any testicular atrophy. I’m going to finish the cylce with tribex and M for a few weeks. I can let you know how I end up if you would like.

Thanks Thor. I am into my second week and wondering if I should keep going, or continue until the sixth. I wanted to ‘shorten’ the 12 weeks of 2on/ 2off, to a straight 6. This way I can get to cutting up for spring, I have been bulking since Sept and am getting a nice gut. Could others experiencing a straight 6 weeks please pipe in.

I must say now the 6 week cycle has caught my interest. I’m currently 1 week into my first cycle and only about 4lbs. up, but hell I look like 10 lbs up. I’d love to go for it 6 full weeks then really concentrate on dieting with all that new muscle. Keep posting guys…it helps!