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Mag-10 1AE Compared to Roids

From what I understand the 1AE component of
mag-10 is a DHT derivative. How would it compare in both it’s androgenic and anabolic
qualities to another DHT derivative such as
primobolan or winstrol.

The thing to do is to forget the idea of
what something is, from the standpoint of chemical synthesis, a derivative of. It says nothing about the activity. It can sometimes imply something about metabolism though. In this case, it is true that “DHT derivatives,”
or more properly compounds saturated at the
4 and 5 carbons, cannot aromatize and cannot
be affected by the 5alpha-reductase enzyme.

Both of which are good things.

But beyond this, nothing can be concluded from this fact pertaining to chemical synthesis,
other than how you would probably make the compound in the laboratory.

As for Primobolan (methenolone), A1-E is similar but more potent.

As for Winstrol, it’s a Class II steroid,
not binding well to the androgen receptor and working principally by means other than the androgen receptor, while Androst-1-ene is a Class I steroid. They’re quite dissimilar.