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MAG-10/100 meter sprint times

I have a track competition coming up soon and I’m also planning on doing a double-dose cycle of MAG-10 at the same time. I was wondering if the MAG-10 would somewhat aid in decreasing my times for the 100 meter. Any opinions are greatly appreciated.

do not take 2 doses before the competition. take one the night before and one in the morning. you need time to saturate the muscles. An hour before the race take a double serving of powerdrive. I would also suggest taking some phosphorous, creatine, potassium and anything else that will help with muscle contractions. I would load a couple of days before the race. get some other feedback from others. laters pk

Whomever you are running for doesn’t test or frown on this idea?

Have you read this weeks article “End of Dietary Supplements”? If not I suggest you do so, then possibly reconsider taking anything before or during a track meet. The over-seeing insitution here is the one most likely to make products like Mag-10 illegal very soon. I have no problem with you taking it during training, or after a meet. This is still a supplement and passing a test during a competition I think is all you need to consider here. If you want to improve you performance do it when it won’t be held against you. Be careful!

The meet is in Canada. Therefore, MAG-10 is already illegal and they can’t look down upon it anymore then its already being looked down upon. Also, since its a high school track meet, they won’t test you for steroids unless its glaringly obvious that you’re taking every steroid known to man, which includes veterinary steroids. Or if you break any world records.