Mag 10 + 1 day arm cure

I am about to start my second Mag-10 cycle, and want to do Poliquin’s “One Day Arm Cure” on the first Saturday of the cycle. I have a couple of questions to ask though.

  1. Should i follow the nutritional recommendations that Poliquin recommends in his article (minus the fat) and then just go back to my normal 400g protein and 500grams of carbs the next day?

  2. When would be an optimal time to use Surge during this program?

  3. How long should i wait to train arms again? I’m assuming that since i am using Mag-10 recovery should be faster than the 5 days recommended by Poliquin.

Thanks Bill, your feedback has been invaluable so far, and I appreciate your time.

you know what? i’m thinking about saving it for another time…i’m not sure that the arm cure will be much of a shock to my system with the high volume of training that i’ll be doing all week; and then not being able to work out for 5 days will proably be detrimental to the gains i could be making in other areas while on Mag 10, i think i’ll probably end up putting close to a 1/2 inch on my arms, if not more with mag 10 (i put on at least that my first cycle). I’m thinking about saving the cure for another time, possibly when i hit a plateau. What do you think?

I really don’t know much about the One-Day Arm Cure, or if it even works worth a flip. Apparently sometimes it does and sometimes it does not. In any case, you ought to be able to put on 3/8" to 1/2" on your arms in 2 weeks of MAG-10 use without anything like that, but rather a program that’s mostly pressing or rowing/pulling movements so far as the upper body is concerned, and only an ordinary amount of specific arm work.