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Made Up My Mind

hey i have posted alot recently on T-Nation toying around with different diet plans and work out routines to lose weight and maintain my muscle,

im 17 years old i just recently lost 14 pounds of weight alot of it was body fat but i know for a fact some of it was muscle,

the reason being i haven’t eating well at all recently as i just felt ill any way all i did really eat was chicken and beef, in the form of curry,

far from a good diet on about 2 meals a day as well, i have just started a new job and am getting plenty enough money to support a good diet and frequent gym use, i go to the gy 3 times a week on average and some times an extra day for cardio,

i really want to start a high protein diet to help me shed fat, i used to be a vegetarian so im not to familiar with meats,

i weight exactly 200 pounds and figure i should get like 180 grams of protein a day (as a good bit of the weight is fat)

the hardest part for me is getting 5 meals a day but i know im going to have to so this is what im thinking,

breakfast, 4 raw eggs mixed with a pint of milk and a plate of baked beans

lunch, chicken (no idea) and a protein shake

before dinner, a salad with mozzarella cheese and olive oil

dinner, chicken or beef (depending on the day) with vegetables and another raw egg with some milk,

before bed, 200-300 grams of low fat cottage cheese

i could really use help fine tuning it as i know im no where near as smart as half the guys on this site and would be more than grateful for any advice

It’s not a matter of smart as much as experience.

You can start upping your frequency of meals by inserting liquid meals in between solid meals.

They’re much easier to digest and consume.

Put some protein in every meal and work from there.

-Perfectly fine to eat 3 meals a day with liquid shakes in between. Besides that, people aren’t nearly as adament about the 5-7 meal a day thing as they used to be.

-Personally, I don’t see why anyone eats raw eggs…

-Your before dinner snack isn’t really much of a snack (mostly fat), so I would just add a bit of protein in it or just eat it with dinner

-don’t drink a protein shake if you’re eating chicken, add some fat to that meal or carbs if you handle them okay

The number of meals you eat isn’t as important as the cumulative of what you eat over an entire day. In other words, calories and macronutrients are what matters when it comes to fat loss.

You really need to invest some time in reading the nutrition articles from this site and decide on the type of diet you want to follow.

No one is going to spoon feed you and tell you exactly what and when to eat.

If you’re looking to lose fat, I’d drop the milk.

ahh right thanks guys i will do im just bad at the whole diet thing haha i know what i shouldent eat but its the what a should im bad at haha