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Made Up My Mind to Maintain

I’ve made up my mind to just maintain my weight right now because if I try to bulk I don’t have enough time to cut before football season next summer. My questions are where do I start? I’m 5’7", 160lbs and around 5% bf. I’m figuring around 2600 cals, I work a welding job and I’m on second shift from 5:00 p.m.-3:30 a.m., so until I get back to school in January I’m going to just be doing some band training.

What should I take for supps? I’m thinking about Metabolic Drive, creatine, and fish oil. I don’t want to start off with too much at one time because I don’t really understand much with supps. I’m going with 36g protein, 12g carbs and 25g of fat per meal. Is that a good start or should I make some mods?