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Made Up Exercise


Had a mole removed from my back recently and now I have several stiches. Doc says I can work out, just don't lie on my back. So instead of my usual CG Bench I tried something new. With the Smith Machine with the bar set as at squat height I gripped the bar with my usual CG Bench grip with the bar close to my chest. Then I simply pressed up, keeping my elbows tucked in all the way up and all the way down. I thought my shoulders would get tired, but they didn't. Worked pretty good.


Pushups (inclines, decline and nigh a million sorts). Pec-dec machine. Cable Crossovers.

That is all.


Second post on the subject...

Why, oh why, must people try to make it harder ? Basics always win-out.

Wrestlers learn to shoot as the very first attack they will ever learn and yet they always do these in college, nationals, worlds, Olympics etc...and they work. Why ? Basics win-out.


Gees, so much for ingenuity and creativity. Just trying a new tricep exercise and thought I'd post that it worked pretty good. No biggie. Stick to your push-ups if you don't like my idea.


I give you kudos for continuing to work around an injury. And for trying to create something new as well.

Don't let the negative people discourage you.


Thanks ZEB. My tris are pretty sore today.


Is that where you felt most of the action..in the tris?


Yes, I was surprised at how much it replicated the CG Bench. It's basically a narrow grip shoulder press, but with the elbows tucked in and to the front. I don't think it could be done with free weights.


This guy is such a dumb-ass. Can't you read? Mole removed from back and can't bench. That eliminates Incline, decline and Pec Dec. Are you suggesting Pec Dec for triceps or are you too stupid to figure out he's training tri's? Oh yeah, since when are Pec decs and Cable Crossovers "basic" exercises.

You are either a complete moron or you are Belligerent trying to stir the shit.


PGJ,I use the rack lockout shoulder press for tris (made popular by Louie Simmons). More of a partial press with emphasis on pushing with tris but similar to what your doing. Hits the tris well and you can go pretty heavy.


He IS a moron - but he did say "pushups" not "bench".


Aww, I love you all too. Dickheads.


Also, by inclines and declines I was reffering to pushups. Such variations exist; You're not half as intelligent as you claim if your reading comprehesion is so poor. You pretentious dickheads.

You know what ? If I get banned for this, so what. It's just another damn message board. I am not a motherf*cking troll and whereupon did this guy mention 'triceps' or 'working on triceps today'.

From what I read it sounded like he was another retarded gym noob airhumping whilst trying to work chest. Forgive my indiscressions, o pussitant, all-knowing keyboard gurus. I get tired of reading/hearing or talking to idiots who claim to invent new shit.

Many of you may be in the wrong career feild. I believe you should perhaps seek a career in psychic hotlines. For 29.99/minute I could find out all about my future (Oh, and if you decide to make some smart-ass remark about how I have no future or somesuch, make it clever at least).

If you believe that I am a troll, then you have not seen true trolling work elsewhere.


I've gotta bump this. I find morbid pleasure in shear insanity.


Who's this snotty little prick? I've spent more time under the bar than you've spent breathing. Nasty little cuss, aren't you? I'm an idiot for trying something new? Bring your skinny 110lb ass down to Athens, Georgia and we'll work this out. I suggest you find another website to troll, kiddo.