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Made to Measure Shirts


Can anybody recommend a place to order reasonably inexpensive made-to-measure shirts from cheap-labor countries? My upper body is nowhere near hyooge, just oddly proportioned with a thick neck and short clavicles, so "athletic cut" shirts are no help.

I could order shirts from a tailor here but they cater to businessmen, politicans and other criminals (hehe) with a lot of money. And to be honest I don't need anything that nice.

I know, I know, more presses, pullups and rows will build a bigger upper body. But it's not like I'm gonna stop deadlifting just so my neck stops growing. And if this thread's been done before, my apologies. Couldn't find one in the search.


I think we get it, you deadlift a lot and your neck is hyoooge.


I'm interested in this too not because I'm huge but because everything seems to be cut for fat bastards.


buy a shirt off of the rack. Take to tailor. tailor will tailor the shirt to fit. costs less than getting a shirt made for you.




Thank you! That's exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for.