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Made the Trip to See Dr. O and Hans

I flew out all the from Cali a few weeks ago to see Shawn and Dr. Overbeck. My hopes where that I could go to a doctor/team who was on it, who knew about what I was experiencing and would order all the right tests without me having to bring research papers, studies, or guidelines.

Basically, I didn’t want the typical take your prozac and leave response that many experience when something is outside the scope of their physicians knowledge.

My case involves multiple factors - persistent sexual/emotional problems from ssri’s and other meds which have continued for long after quitting, some pro-hormone/steroid use out of desperation, fatigue, and brain fog. But I am glad to say that after my appointment with Dr. O and Shawn, I was left with the impression that they have a breadth of knowledge which may be able to tackle these issues - plus, Dr. O has excellent bedside manner during examinations.

Also of note is Shawn’s understanding of alternative medicine and health practices such as Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, and Qigong - I have been getting acupuncture and herbs which have been helpful to me - so it was cool to see he was dialed into that as well.

So far through bloodwork, we have uncovered anemia (low ferritin levels), so I’m going to be taking iron for a while! Fortunately, my total testosterone levels did not crash as much as I had feared. They will be ordering a NutrEval test which tests for vitamin/mineral deficiencies, heavy metals, and organ functioning - as Shawn explained how various pharmaceuticals actually deplete nutrients.

I look forward to working with them some more and getting much needed answers. They make a good team and I can tell they have a passion for what they do.

What iron product are you taking?

Hi, Solgar Gentle Iron was what was recommended. I’m taking 100mg a day. My Ferritin was tested at 20 ng/ml with the range being 30-400!