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Made the Switch to Wooden Rings


I've used all sorts of plastic rings over the years, recently I decided to give wooden gymnastic rings a try. The difference between wooden rings and plastic is remarkable. The first thing you notice about the wooden FringeSport rings is beauty, they look like works of art. As soon as you touch them you'll be hooked- the wood actually feels like an extension of your hand. Even without chalk (I rarely use chalk with mine) they "stick" to you hands in the best way. Contrast this to the feel of plastic rings, you always feel like you're loosing your grip. There's a reason why gymnasts only use real wooden rings to train and compete with.

I absolutely love doing pullups with these rings. Doing pullups on rings allows your wrists to naturally rotate, this helps prevent the dreaded elbow tendinitis associated with high frequency pullups. Once you get used to doing your pullups on rings you won't want to go back to the fixed bar very often. I also use these rings for dips. Doing dips on rings adds a whole new level of challenge to the movement. To dip on rings you need to maintain some serious body tension. And as with ring pullups your body is free to find the range of motion it needs. Suspended push ups? Gotta love em with the FringeSport wooden rings! There are some many movements you can do with rings, do yourself a favor and get some today. What's next for me? The iron cross....

The wooden gymnastic rings made by FringeSport are the best deal going, $69 shipped. They come with adjustable straps that are quick to set up just about anywhere and are bomb proof. Peter and Alex Keller stand behind all of their products & offer unsurpassed customer service.


Pull ups.




I've been thinking about these. I have homemade blast straps that work great but I can't help thinkng that I may still limiting myself with them.


I have plastic rings and love em, but I would love some wooden ones


I have plastic ones as well but have trained on the wooden ones. The wooden ones are infinitely better. They feel much better on the hands.


Thanks for sharing.

I've been thinking about getting some wooden rings. My hands get sweaty at times and, chalk and plastic usually don't work that great.


I like both for different reasons. Love plastic because it's what I started with - I do not use chaulk at all - they are easy to clean/ care for. Love wooden because they are beautiful and closer to regulation.