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Made the front page of our Newspaper


Interview with Video



insane! love it.


Your back probably looks awesome



is this something you trained for specifically? how long did it take you to work up to that weight? one of the most impressive things I've seen to date. Great job man :slightly_smiling:


I agree its extremely impressive. The crazy thing is you made it look relatively easy, and held the contraction for a good amount of time too. Any idea how many times you could rep that kind of weight? from the video i'd say you've definitely got more than 1 in you.


Well it didn't look very easy, and I think he held it on the top because he didn't know if his chin was over the bar and he couldn't pull himself any higher than that.


Im glad you know OP well enough to answer posts for him. My questions have been answered.


Very impressive pull up but what do pull ups have to do with strongman?


Awesome pullup man, good job and congrats on the record.

I didn't realize that there were organizations that keep records of these things with specific form rules/etc.. I always just assumed powerlifting/strongman/olympic lifting were the competitive lifting sports which kept track of records. You've got me tempted now to try to chase after your record! Don't worry, I'm still far away from you. Do they keep records on weighted dips too? My weighted pullups and weighted dips I'm sure would need a lot of work to get there, but I'm curious. A few years ago when I was doing them frequently I could pop off reps with 135lbs on the belt and if my memory serves me correctly went up to 160lbs on the belt for dips at a BW of ~190ish.

Again, awesome job and very cool with the family support in the background!




Well done, that is really impressive.


Thanks for the comments

I held my chin because I really wanted a still picture, and part of me was wanting to see how long I could hold it.

My workouts are about 3-4 times a week, I can't take to long of a break.

Workout Day 1: 100 reps with 45 lbs (for time 30< mins)
Workout Day 2: 3-5 reps with HIGH weight 135lbs - 160 lbs
Workout Day 3: HEAVY singles 200 lbs - 160 lbs

guinness world records has a catagory for just the weight you add to your self.
its a new catagory and no one has set it yet. They set the Min at 200 lbs. I hope to get it sent off this week.


not sure what the dip record is but I'm sure Dale Harder with http://www.strengthospeedia.org
would be able to tell you you can call GWR they might have that catagory or add it.


Absolutely amazing.

I'm curious about your joints/tendons in your elbows - how do you keep them in condition, or are they used to it from working up over the years? I find that if I go too long between pullup workouts then they don't go anywhere, but when I up the frequency my elbows can't take it.


Awesome upper body strength, but what about the wheels, man?


Joints are fine after doing them for 6 years never had any problems.


Most I've ever DL was 425 I'm sure I could do more if I focused on it.
and squat I'll just do 250 4 sets of 12. I'm sure i need to make some big changes for that number to go up.

All I do right now is legs and Weighted Pull-ups.


I going to mail my Guinness World Records record breaker packet off Friday.

For "Heaviest Weighted Pull up" 206.2 lbs

I did 206.2 lbs for 1 rep but I bent my legs to much so I did it again and it was perfect!

witness one is a MD in Orthopedic medicine
Witness two is Athletic Trainer and has a degree in Physical Education/Health at OSU

Guinness World Record Rules for Weighted Pull-up


Congrats on the WR bother! I can't add weight to my pull-ups. Every time I do I 'pop' a bicep tendon so I have resided in keeping it body weight.