Made the College Shotput Team

Hey everyone just thought i would post again. Casey Malone, the throws coach at CU, told me about a week ago that I made the team so i have been practicing with the team ever since. I am really excited and everything is awesome. Thanks for all your help and advice.




What kind of training and nutritional program do they have you on?

lots of explosive lifts. cleans, snatches, single leg cleans, etc. lots of core work. we throw five days a week and lift three of those. the other two we do stadium workouts or medball explosive exercises. as far as nutrition we are sponsored by muscle milk so we are heavily encouraged to supplement through them and we are also heavily encouraged to eat lots of food. i weigh about 250 and my coach jokes that i should be at 285.

Sounds pretty cool.

Not so sure I’d want to overdose on the Muscle Milk (tends to be high in sugar and fat), but it’s nice that you don’t have to pay for it and they feed you!

Congratulations man, keep up the good work and see where it takes you!