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Made Some Modifications for More Leg Work. Critique?

I wanted to add more hamstring and leg work. How does this look?

Bench 3x5 Pros/FSL 2x5-8
DB Press 3x10
Pulldowns 5x10
Face Pulls 5x10/Triceps Extensions 3x10 - Triceps Press Downs 2x10

Squat 3x5 Pros/FSL 2x5-8
RDL 3x6-8
Walking Lunges 3x10
Prowler Walks

Overhead Press 3x5 Pros/FSL 2x5-8
DB Bench 3x10
DB Rows 5x10
Face Pulls 5x10/Bicep Curl 3x10 – Hammer Curl 2x10

DB Squat 3x10 (Good Warm Up)
Trap Bar Deadlift 3x5 Pros/SLDL 2x6-8
Hanging Leg Raises 3x15
Prowler Walks

Where’s the extra leg/hamstring work? I see “lunges and Prowler” - not exactly overflowing with extra work.

My recommendation - stick with the 3 main assistance categories and if you ever choose to add something in - something MUST be taken out. Balance. Principle #5.