Made Some Changes During Cycle

Hi fellas,
i am on my second cycle
Im 5’10", current weight= 210pounds
My first cycle was complete failure, i was taking cypionate 250mg EW for 8 weeks with dbold for sick in between m left dbol in third week but completed with sustanon gained on 6-7pounds.working on my mistake i have my second cycle now.

Second cycle gear as follows:
1 to 4 weeks dbol 10,20,20,20mg respectively
Sustanon 250= 3 to 5 weeks= 250mg, 2shots every Tuesday n Friday @125mh each
Sustanon 250= 6 to 12 weeks= 500mg, 2shots every Tuesday n Friday @ 250mg each
arimidex 0.25mg EOD during cycle started from fourth week.
week 13,14,15 = Intermission
Week 16,17,18 PCT = 40mg, 20mg, 20mg nolva respectively.
multivitamin tab= 2ED
Fish oil Softgel= 2ED

i am into my 5th week n have gained 10pounds.
i am not taking any HCG, will that be ok with this cycle ?