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Made It!


Hey Boys,

Well, I've been around this site since '04, I've posted a few times, and now I'm proud to say that I made it to the Over 35 lifter (as of last week actually). Hope to be here for a lot of years!

I lift at home in my basement, and up until a month ago, I was lifting at 6 in the morning before work. (I've got a wife/three year old daughter, so that was "my time") I started a new job in January, and now I'm at work at the time I was usually hitting the showers from my workout.

I follow the Wendler's basic 5/3/1 template, and had an amazing couple of weeks which saw me come very, very close to hitting my "goal" numbers for 2010 in bench/deadlift

Anyways, just figured I'd give a quick shout out -



Happy birthday and join the fun and games! you know shuffleboard, cribbage,...


Welcome Rasto, a lot of great people in here.


And I'll shout back quickly...



[Clears throat]


Welcome Bro!


shuffles feet nervously

Sorry bout that - That should probably read: "Hey All!".

My bad.