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Made in America


I was thinking we should have a Made In America thread. Please list any products that we may buy to help America instead of the Chineese. I am astounded at everything I buy that says "Made in China, or somewhere else.


http://www.newbalance.com/ The last shoe manf. in America. My next pair will be these.

MSG Manufacturing http://www.mgstech.com/index.htm (Ancillary stuff, and hard to tell if you are buying it but good to know, and they have an attitude that we all need here in the USA)

Here is a quote from that company in a recent article:

â??Weâ??re justifiably proud to put the MADE IN AMERICA sticker on our productâ??, says John Berg, MGSâ??s chief of marketing. With high tech engineering and innovation, they can do with one person what it takes the Chinese ten workers to do. MGSâ??s message to China?

â??We will kick 100% of your assâ??, he said. â??We will do whatever it takes to deliver the goods.â??



Chinese food.


Car Audio: Rockford Fosgate, JL Audio, Arc Audio.

How could I forget Diamond Audio.


Redwing Boots. They have this topic on GAL currently BTW.


I swear I have seen this topic before.


License plates


Made in Mexico...sorry.


Where the fuck did Jimmy Hoffa go?


Not that anyone cares, but the company I work for employees over 5000 people in north east PA alone for the manufacture of certain vaccines, not to mentiont he national sales and support functions. The following Sanofi Pasteur vaccines are completely manufactured and supported at our US site.

Fluzone, Fluzone HD, Fluzone ID, Tripedia, TDaP, DTaP, Tetanus toxoid, Pentacel, Menactra, Menimune, Adacel.


of products made in America < # of products made in china


And all the autistic children thank you...



Toyota, Honda, Mazda. Meanwhile my GMC is assembled in Mexico from parts made in Canada.


Kind of a funny story, and Liberal FAIL...

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis brags about buying American car, sounds great, problem is the car is made in Canada with Canadian parts...


LOL. About a week before:



Hmmm...I was always of the understanding that a majority of the license plates were made at correctional facilities.


Allen Edmonds Dress shoes. Only brand you will ever need.




While I understand why this thread was started I think maybe it is motivated by an incorrectly held belief that American jobs just for American jobs' sake is all that matters.

It is a great thing that Chinese goods come into this country because while we may not have all the manufacturing jobs we have higher real wages while less expensive goods flow in (because it increases the purchasing power of the dollar).

The problem is the only thing we export is debt which weakens the dollar. This is a catch 22 because it is more tempting to buy cheaper goods with a weaker currency.

I think the only thing that is going to fix this is when China finally cuts the US gov't off. I think they are hesitant because it will be painful for them in the short term. I think their gov't understands the issue better than they let on.

It's coming. Get ready for it.


BMW and Porsche too. Weirdly, my Honda was made in England. Not surprising it's the worst one I have ever owned....Still good, but it had more problems than my previous models.


Yeah I have strong rebuttals for those seriously attacking what we do, but there are a number of people that are just out to make a buck and don't take all the necessary precautions. Even here we have to fight them sometimes to ensure the safety of our product. Funny thing is most of the ones that give us a hard time came from Wyeth, who was bought out by pfizer, during the time they were issued consent decree.