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MADE: I want six pack abs!

If I was on that MTV show, Made, the title would be, “I want Six Pack abs!”.

I am 38 years old, I have been training for 20+ yrs. I am 6’3 and 228 lbs. My body fat is around 18%, depending on what method I am using to test it.

I have tried numerous supplements, workouts, and “eating plans” but nothing is working.

Can anyone help me? Who’s going to be my Made Coach for this endeavor? Thanks in advance!

Was this an actual episode, your refugee-like cry for a six pack, or a joke? Hopefully the latter of the three. Dear God, please let it be the latter of the three.

Of course it’s a joke. No one would ever seriously post something like this.

Your “made coach” role is a job best left up to being filled with your own shoes.

Use that search baby on the left, read the FAQ, and go to town.

I could just picture an episode of that show if this was the title of the episode.

It’d be crunches upon crunches upon crunches. After commercial break after commercial break after commercial break.


A joke? Well, yes and no. Yes, I want six-pack abs and someone to give suggestions on how to go about getting them. No, I am not going to be on mTV show doing it.

So, any suggestions? I know, you guys are going to break my balls, that’s expected but I am serious, I need help with this shit.


run lik hell man, cuz you are about to get flamed.

T-dawg diet for 1 year.

Abs are not about crunches they are about your body fat being in the single digits and to get thier you only need to know 2 words “Caloric Deficit”. Its sounds easy doesn’t it.

six pack abs require about 6 percent body fat or less so you got a long way to go. Say bye bye to Twinkies,soda, etc, hello low carb



Have you considered reading the magazine that’s attached to this forum?


Or perhaps the search function to the left on your screen?



(well on my way to a newbie induced coma. . .)

KraigY is right. Everyone has abs and a six pack the question is whether you can see it or not. To lose weight your diet needs to be less than your body needs to run on, once this happens your body looks to stored energy (fat) for fuel. You can help this along by doing heaps of cardio work. But once you have lost the weight make sure your diet returns to a maintanance level not a deficit level because if you don’t your body will have run out of energy stores to call on and will start eating up other things such as muscle etc and will actually deprive certain organs of nutrients to support your vital organs necessary for sustaining life.

What the fuck. I have known those words for years, yet I don’t have a sixpack.

It’s coming along slowly now though, so no worries.


6% or less? The vast majority of people will never hit 6% and lots of people can see all of their abs.

I have to disagree with the statement about everyone having a six pack. Abs are just like any muscle. You still have to work them to see results. I know people who have low bodyfat yet their abs do not show that well.

Your coach?

You. Like the rest of us.

You’ve been training for 20+ years and your bodyfat is at 18%?

Either you never tried to lose weight seriously, haven’t been training at all well, consistent, or smart, or your diet sucks ass.

Read this mag from top to bottom, then come back and ask questions, I think you’ll find a warmer reception.

My diet does suck ass right now, I’ll admit. You’re right though, I will do a search and try and find some articles but I thought I might try and get some info from you guys but it would probably require too much info for these posts.

Damn, 6%? Don’t know if I can do that at 38. Maybe 10% realistically.

Thanks for anybody who tried to help and the others who broke my balls, I guess i deserved it. outah here…thanks.