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Made an Anti-Fitness Blog


Check it out and let me know what you guys think!


needed somewhere to put all of my pissed off feelings towards fitness.


Very nice man.


Awesome! Keep it up...




good stuff storm... i just bookmarked that page.


Don't be mad at fitness because someone misused the name. Without fitness there would be no new world records, and that 78 year old man is the fittest man in the world.


Thats awesome Storm, Im looking forward to the second installation about abzzz


The people who run PT for my unit have been making us do some of the exercises in those hilarious videos. Now I know where the horrible ideas. No idea how those will help with pushups, situps and running though.

Great read. I liked it and will be back.


Those were some fun reads. Bookmarking..


In for the win bro



More shit thats bad for you.


good stuff man, keep it going


Anyone else see a topless woman in his blog video "An 11 year old that could probably beat you up".

Stop the clip at 32 & 33 seconds, look to the right.


You and I would actually get along very well. I must say that I feel very refreshed...like when you build up hatred and bitterness towards someone over a period of weeks or months, then finally getting fed up and punch the shit out of them.

I have to hear my girlfriends mom (oh, and no, the punching comment had nothing to do with her...it was merely an anology...I would never EVER hit a women) talk endlessly about how my pursuit of powerlifting is "dangerous and bad for you" and then when it comes time for her to talk "nutrition" and "fitness", she talks about her "heart-healthy cereal and oatmeal" and talks about potentially buying a treadmill But seeing how "fitness" has been sodomized and perverted just makes my soul want to drink Anti-freeze.

anyways, sorry for the rant. Great, great blog! If you make "Sprint. Kill. Eat." t-shirts and they look good, I will be glad to buy them.


Good catch! :slight_smile:


At the end of the video of the 11 year old benching, what's with the girl whose boobs are hanging out? More of that, less of super arch.


new post is up!


Also bookmarked. Cool stuff dude, really enjoying reading it!


A very necessary blog...great stuff, I will be following.


Caught that too. WTF. I couldnt lift with that standing around. Too much blood to the lower regions.