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Made Adjustments to Cycle


After doing even more research on this forum I have decided to adjust my original proposed cycle of Hexadex 450 and Dbol with just Clomid for PCT at the end. Here is my new proposed cycle. Any advice is appreciated.

I lift 5 days a week, basic 5 day split - I am planning on switching to stronglifts 5x5 I think for the 10 week duration of this cycle. Off days will be isolation work, rest, and a little cardio.

I'll be eating A LOT on cycle, however it'll be clean bulk. (I.e: Chicken, rice, eggwhites, veggies, etc)

Proposed cycle:
Weeks 1-10-Scrioxx Hexadex 450 - 450mg/week once on Sunday evenings
Weeks 1-4-Dbol (10mg 3x/day)
AI- Aromasin (12.5 mg EOD)-I want to prevent gyno or any estrogen related sides before they occur.

Week 11-Aromasin (12.5 mg/day)
Week 12-Nolvadex(20 mg/day), Aromasin (12.5 mg/day)
Week 13-Nolvadex (20 mg/day), Aromasin (12.5 mg/day)
Week 14-Nolvadex (20 mg/day), Aromasin (6.25 mg/day)
Week 15-Nolvadex (20 mg/day), Aromasin (6.25 mg/day)
Week 16-Aromasin (6.25mg/day)

I've run a 500mg/wk Test E cycle before with great results. However I'm pretty paranoid about sides with the DBol/Hexadex. Therefor I want to confirm that Aromasin is the right way to go as far as an AI goes...


Hexadex is much like sus250, mix of long and short esters. So you'll want to pin more frequently for the shorter esters to maintain more stable blood levels. Other than that it looks fine. Stabilizing blood levels better will reduce possibility of gyno and as always if you get symptoms of high E adjust your AI accordingly.