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Made a Website of My 2nd Cycle

Made a little website to track my progress on my 2nd cycle. Got a journal, charts, graph, images, etc…

Might be good for somebody who is thinking of getting started, or for beginners…LIKE ME!

I will update it weekly, images every two weeks.



that was a good idea man. very usefull i like it. im not a beginner but its still useful.

Nice and thank you.

Think you should run the test a little longer than the Deca.

Maybe do a little more research on your PCT, could be improved upon.

Nice idea with the site. How about adding nutrition and training log (if you have the time)

Think im actually going to have enough test to go about week 11. Is that long enough? And what is the reasoning for going longer?

Also…what improvements could you suggest for PCT?


Glad you guys like it. I will think about adding nutrition and training, but it will be hard. How should I format it?

good site man, thats great info for all, I am currently on my first cycle and can relate to that.

keep up the good work cheers

Deca is more supressive on the system and takes a little longer to clear the system. EQ is not quite so bad.

You will see quite a few posts about this and I have also found this myself.

As far as the PCT - I would look at using some HCG (maybe) with 10+weeks of test. Also I don’t like clomid that much - nolva could be a better choice.

Another option would be to use proviron during the cycle (50mg per day).

Hope this helps you out.

The Nolva and the clomid is what I have.

Your being told by people to run alot of test with the deca. More than likely 90% of their reasoning is fear of erectile dysfunction. So to fix that, (despite that it’s mainly caused in the case of deca and tren by progestin activity) they recommend you add the one substance with the widest array of sides so you can keep a boner. Testosterone. Rather than having to add all the extra crap to protect from test sides, (Liquidex/arimidex, nolva, proscar), might be better off adding bromocriptine or cabergoline and skipping the test. Both those drugs aid in preventing progestin sides- from your deca.

I took the details and journal off of my website for legal reasons. I will put them back up when im done with the cycle. I have posted them below. The images, charts, and graph are still there
swankybackgrounds.bravehost.com and I update them weekly.

Pictures arent turing out that great. Hard to tell a big difference right now. I think in the end, some before and after pics will be better.

My journal and details are below. I am on week 5 now.

2nd Cycle

Dianabol 40mg Weeks 1-5
Deca 300ml Weeks 1-10
Equipoise 200ml Weeks 1-10
Test E 500ml Weeks 1-10

I am 26 years old, 222 lbs. I have lifted seriously for 6.5 years. I started at 21 years old, 180lbs. Skinny. My first cycle came at about my fifth year. Test Sust & Deca. I probably gained 10-15lbs lean muscle. I was more impressed with the way my body changed shape.

It is a shape I have kept since, even when cutting. It looks as if I carry the muscle a lot better, therefore creating the illusion of ?more? muscle. I?m very happy with my gains because I learned to gain naturally first, and had five years to build my knowledge on diet, lifting, supplements, etc?so that I could maximize my results while on AAS.

I really feel this was the smart way to go. I wasn?t trying to fill a hole in my life by getting bigger and stronger. I was already very happy and confident because lifting weights had already changed my life more than anything I?ve ever done. And that was LONG before steroids!!! So whatever gains I was going to make on my first cycle would just be icing on the cake.

I did not feel the need to jump right into another cycle.  The size and ego-boost did not overpower me.  I would consider that kind of attitude, weak.  Even though I have never had an addictive personality, this might not have been the case had I started AAS too early.  

Some of my friends went a different route. I only see them lift when they are on a cycle. They are self-conscious even when they are on. They have no work ethics, and their workouts make no sense whatsoever. They never work out hard. EVER. A couple got injured because of their stupidity. One hurt his neck after jumping on a cycle to ?kick-start his comeback.? He hadn?t lifted for a year. I haven?t seen or heard from him since.

My self and some of his other friends tried to warn him, and he obviously doesn?t want to talk to us because he is embarrassed.

I must say another thing I am excited about, is that my second cycle will probably be quite a bit stronger than my first.  During my first, I probably took low doses compared to some:  only 1 cc of Test, and one of Deca per week.  My friend said a longer, weaker cycle would be better.  Half way through the cycle I hadn?t felt any exciting strength, so I upped the dosage towards the end.  I really can?t speculate as to whether my friend?s advice was good or bad.  It doesn?t matter though because I got great results.  I?m guessing this cycle is really going to blow me up though.    

I am about to change careers and might not ever have the chance to do another cycle.  It?s been about a year and a half and I?m excited to try it again.  I hope you enjoy my journal and I hope others will create better ones in the future.  Its hard to find good documentation on the Internet of AAS cycles.  

Week 1

Weight has gone up about 5 or 6 pounds. I felt the Dbol on my second day, and it?s effects have been increasing daily. Last night I noticed my neck and chest looking swollen. A good sign. This is my first time ever using Dbol, so it is nice to see almost immediate results. Did my first ever quad injection today. Much easier than glutes, especially when aspirating. No pain either, in fact it was hard to say I felt anything. Because of some advice, I am going to be splitting my dose and injecting twice a week instead of once. With my other cycle, I only injected once a week.

Strength has been increasing only slightly during the week. Today I suspected I would really feel strong. Just got that feeling for some reason. I was right. Bench went up probably 15lbs. I added more sets to some of my exercises. I also just started deadlifts this week. I have been doing squats for about 6 months and have made great progress. Now it?s back to deads. Taking it slow on those though. Took off my shirt and looked in the mirror right after my workout and was shocked at how big I looked. The Dbol has definitely kicked in. It has begun. 

Week 2

I have to say I?m not too impressed with the Dbol so far. From everything I have read and heard, at 40mg, it should be hitting me pretty hard by now. Many have even warned me of dangerous strength increases, but I have seen nothing close. I?m not giving up on it though. I was splitting up the dose and taking it three times a day. Now I am going to try just taking one dose in the morning. I have heard this will get my blood levels higher and be less strain on my liver. Who knows though? Everybody seems to have a different opinion.

Because my first cycle was so long ago, I have gotten very used to the size I gained then. I have kind of forgotten how much of a change that cycle made on my body. You get used to yourself and take it for granted. When I have been looking in the mirror lately and seeing the pump I?m getting from the Dbol, I am starting to get de ja vu. I was a different person after that first cycle. My body had REALLY changed. I?m just now realizing that my body is about to REALLY change again. This cycle is going to be quite a bit stronger than the first, and I am realizing how big I am going to get. It?s almost a little scary. It won?t be a small thing. It will be a major change. Can?t wait.

Even though I have been a little confused about the lack of results with the Dbol, I keep remembering what it?s going to be like when the rest of my cycle kicks in. I haven?t even started yet!!! I have gotten a few compliments in the gym about my size. Lifts keep creeping up. My body measurements are also slowly rising. Up about 10 lbs now. I must admit, I expected to be up about 15-20lbs at this point because of my information on Dbol. Doesn?t bother me though. My real gains will be from the other substances.

Think I might have felt the Equipoise today. Got really hungry all of a sudden, and it hadn?t been that long since I had last eaten. It was a different type of hungry than I ever remember feeling.

Also, my deadlifts are getting better quickly. I just started doing deadlifts again at the beginning of this cycle. I usually do deads or squats for a few months then switch. My legs and butt are way too big to be doing both. Much bigger than my upper body, proportionally. I think some would advise against making a switch like that at the beginning of a cycle, but my schedule isn?t perfect.

Also, if I?m going to be in a state where I can build lots of muscle quickly, I think deads focus more on the body parts I am interested in building right now. I?m also being careful not to go up in weight too quickly with deadlifts, just because I can. I also just started benching with the bar again. I usually stick to dumbbells because they feel more natural on my shoulders. So taking it slow and light in that department right now as well. Not that I would be lifting massive weight anyways.

I got the biggest pump of my life today on chest and triceps. My pecs felt like big swollen chunks of muscle fighting for space on a tiny little ribcage. And I have small pecs!!! They felt like they were going to peel off my ribs. Then my triceps did the same. Definitely what I was looking for. A milestone in this cycle.

Week 3

Dbol strength has leveled off I think. My weight is up to around 15lbs more than when I started. I have been eating a lot, doing no cardio, and also taking creatine, so I would put my Dbol gains at around 8 ? 10 lbs, and strength up about 10%. Sure glad I never did an oral only cycle. That would be a letdown for sure. I never even thought about it though. Might as well do the job right.

I?m definitely overtraining a little bit. Probably common for the beginning of a cycle. I was doing one less rest day a week because of how fast my recovery was, except my workouts have been so damn good that I just feel exhausted anyways. The amount I have been sweating has definately increased. Must be the Dbol. This has also made my workouts seem much more intense, and draining. So I will make the easy adjustment and try to enjoy my rest days a little more.

As I said before, I started deadlifts at the beginning of this cycle. Even though I have been trying to slowly progress with the amount of weight I?m lifting, my lower back is burning quite a bit. Probably also has to do with the amount of bloat I?ve got going on. My back does not like extra weight on my stomach. Completely throws everything off. So I might switch it up and do leg presses or squats. Not a big deal, because as I said before, I can do without my legs and butt getting any bigger.

Another thing I must mention is that 10 weeks is seeming like an eternity. My last cycle seemed like forever too, but that feeling is arriving much sooner this time. I worked hard and ate hard on my first cycle, but I am working much harder this time. Much more focused. Have to make every day count. It?s not that I?m complaining. Not at all. I was told by many that steroids are no shortcut. You must work much harder and be much more disciplined in order to reap the benefits. So for me, being on a cycle is not ?fun time.? It?s a full time job. The fun is seeing what you get to keep when you?re done.

Week 4

My other substances kicked in this week. I first noticed it in the mirror. My back just had a different shape than before. Traps got real big, real quick. My shoulders are starting to get annoyed with bar bench-pressing again. That lift just doesn?t match up with my body. I will probably go back to dumbbells starting next week. Haven?t really felt many side effects yet either.

I know my gear hasn?t fully kicked in yet though. Sex drive is up quite a bit. I don?t think I?m sleeping quite as well as usual. Not enough of a problem to tell for sure, so who cares? Size increases have kind of leveled off. Those gains were probably from the Dbol. I predict further increases in size will be much slower.

Weight isn?t increasing much right now. I will try and up the calories some more. I?m at about 241 lbs late in the day. The highest I?ve been is 243. It?s tought finding the time to eat the food a 241 lb guy needs. My wind is way down. Didn?t remember feeling this winded on my first cycle. Wasn?t taking as much though. No Dbol either.

I?m excited to see the new shape my body takes. I haven?t quite seen it yet I don?t think. It?s still really early in my cycle, but it seems like ages since I started. My pictures I?m taking aren?t really coming out too well either. It?s hard to get the same lighting and angles so that you can compare against the older photos. Maybe a few simple before and after pictures will work better than taking pictures every two weeks.

Strength is slowly going up still. I?ve never been very strong at compound movements. Even when I?ve gone on a cycle, my bench/squat/press, etc?don?t seem to increase as dramatically as the simple movements. Peck deck, tricep pull downs, curls, and similar movements seem to sky-rocket. Strange. I can?t say I have the body for the compound movements though. Not stalky, long arms and legs, smaller upper body. I?m not complaining, it?s just something I?ve noticed.

Don?t know if lethargy is the word for it, but I feel kind of short of breath a lot. My sets are fine, but any other time of the day I feel a little winded and very easy to over-heat. Been waking up sweating the last few nights as well. I guess that all means the Test is kicking in.

One thing I found interesting on my first cycle was the fact that heavy weight looked lighter. Before my cycle, the sight of those plates on the bar looked intimidating. During the cycle, I would look at it and think ?that looks light! That looks like half the size of me!? I guess I never really thought about it, but I was very interested when I noticed the mental edge the steroids gave me. I haven?t noticed that feeling yet in this cycle. To be honest I don?t even know if I have been looking for it. Maybe it will happen, or maybe that was just the magic of my first cycle and I?m not as focused on that feeling now. I will find out soon.

[quote]RoidEnthusiast wrote:
they recommend you add the one substance with the widest array of sides so you can keep a boner. Testosterone[/quote]

Hi Roid,

Can you explain a little further? Why has Test the widest array of sides?


[quote]honkie wrote:
Another option would be to use proviron during the cycle (50mg per day).


Trenbolone, Anadrol, Dianbol and testosterone are your most notorious side effect offenders for a few reasons- mainly they are so damn androgenic. But when you mix in the high rate of estrogen conversion, and the easy breakdown of testosterone to DHT, you end up with a substance that covers all the bases I can think of for sides, with the only real exception being progestin effects. Which sides will effect you? …that will be a matter of what you a personally susceptible to, and varies from individual to individual.

You will be forced to add other protection drugs along with the testosterone to help you deal with the buffet syle bonanza of sides that could be a problem for you . This is simply not the case with other steroids that are more anabolic in nature. EQ and nandrolone for example. Will they get you as big as test while on cycle, mg for mg?.. no. But you also won’t “Deflate” as much post cycle when the non-lean tissue, androgenic wieght and strength gains go bye bye.