Made a Rookie Mistake, Help

Last week I started my first cycle of Test E. My original intent was to do 500mg/week for 8 weeks (yes I know a short cycle) to finish out my deployment in afghanistan. I found out yesterday that I got move up 2 weeks in the flight schedule so now I can only complete a total of 6 weeks before I leave and customs will confiscate my shit and a flag will be thrown up if I try to bring it back.

I already took my first 2 pins last week (500mg total) and today I should take another. I dont want to waste my money more than I already have by throwing away 2 weeks worth of test. So I thought I’d up my doseage to 750mg to look something like this:

week 1: 500mg mon/thurs (already done)
week 2-5: 750mg, 500mon/250thurs
week 6: 500mg mon/thurs

week 1-2: 500mg mon/thurs
week 3-6: 750mg 500mon/250thurs

I know this isn’t ideal, but I still want to make the most of what I can do with this cycle.
I have my nolva and clomid already at home and since for test its 3 weeks after last pin I’m not worried about that. Also have nolva on hand in case of gyno symptoms that I can just toss it I dont end up using.

Can I please get some advice for the experts? Just ask if you need more info to help with this. Thanks

and why are you planning on running 500 one day and 250 on another? just do equal amounts. you can run 300mg e3d.

[quote]Mike2.0 wrote:
I have my nolva and clomid already at home and since for test its 3 weeks after last pin

The consensus in most places is to start PCT 2 weeks after last pinning test E.

Assuming your Test is 250mg/ml, why not shoot 1.5ml at a time that way its finished by the time you’re hoping for, and your blood levels will be as even as possible?

Im sure one can still get decent gains off a 6-8 week cycle of 750mg test e esspecially concidering this is your first time. 8 weeks isnt really a short cycle-alot of people prefer it around 8 weeks with a higher dose vs 12-15 weeks at a lower dose.

Do you have an AI for this? 750mg test will deff give you some estrogen. Good Luck.

The only reason I’m spliting the 750 as 500/250 is because I have the 250ml glass viles that you pop open and aren’t resealable. I know you want to keep the blood levels and equal as possible, am I going to fuck myself up doing this?

I have alot of Nolva on hand. Should start taking 10mg day or wait til I start to get syptoms?

Clomid: 150 day1 100/100/50/50
Nolva: 20/20/20/20

Just shoot 0,5ml in to the syringe and store it in there. Remove the plunger and shoot it in.

Thanks bud will do…

Any thoughts if I should start taking 10mg nolva now since I’m uping the dose? I don’t really want it to hinder my gains unless I need it.

Use nolva only if you get gyno symptoms.

use proviron through ya cycle 50mg a day then nolva during pct

any 1 have better ideas