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Made a Fitted Headband - Do I Look Like I'm Gay?

I learned to use a sewing machine since all my clothes hang off me and make me look fat even though I’m ripped. This is the first headband I altered - just a rainbow colored headband - medium.

I can easily copy it to all my other headbands for the same size. Should I adjust the headband?

I didnt pull it down enough which is why you can still see my little weird face but if i had it would look fine…need feedback

Even though I’m now proficient with a sewing machine, I admit that I bought the wings and tights from some douche bag in crappy jeans and funky hand-sewn T-Shirt down at The Gay Factory. He was just coming in the back door (ba dump PA!) and was eager to make a sale.


Oh gosh, you look so fabulous.

Dude, your forehead is totally ripped!

Those wings are hawt!

your now fashionable!

This thread is better than morning coffee but not as good as morning sex … so, there’s that

Make sure you get some sunblock on that coinslot!

Oh and not for nothin, but the headband makes you look kinda gay. IMO.

Holy Crap! I’m trying not to cry laughing here (I’m at work -lol). Comic Gold.


Nice Steely, Very Nice.


Hike up your wings.