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Does anyone hate this guy as much as I do. This guy is a bigger tease than any chick I've ever known. Update fucker!




I've always liked Maddox. However, since he updates his site at a rate of around twice per year now, I don't bother.


Oh man, why didn't I take the time to read through all that before? The guy's awesome.


Because you get to the end, and there's no more, but you want there to be more, and there isn't.

And then, a year and a half later, there's more, and you're excited, so excited, and you read it, and it's good, so good, and then it's over, so over, and you're sad and depressed again.

It's just too much to bear.


I've never heard of him until now, and I think I'm already hooked.

"Fashion tips for women" is pretty on point


Maddox is fucking awesome. Too bad it's hasn't really been updated in the last 4 years.


I just hate this part:
News (10-20-08): Announcement soon (the 'real' definition of soon, not my interpretation)

Apparently the real definition of soon is greater than 1 month.



Anaconda will be out soon.

Guess I should have said SURGE Workout Fuel.


But what about LiveSpill?


that was my 1st thought, lol


funny site.

He didn't like Karate Kid or Last Samurai? idiot :smiley:


Pretty sure he has a book out.


I've always loved that guy's stuff.


He has a book out--The Alphabet of Manliness. And it's every bit as funny as the site.



I couldn't stop reading that site, it was histarical. wow.

he has a book too? very nice


Found a link on his site to "Tucker Max", He has some awesome stories. If you haven't read any of it you should atleast definately check it out.