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Madden Gamers Here?


How good are you guys in Madden? I only got a PS2 so bare with me. I can beat the Cowboys with Thunder on all-pro, seriously. I haven't gotten good enough to beat the Patriots yet but I usually win by a touchdown against the Cowboys though. I've gotten way too good to be playing the computer with regular teams so I resorted to playing with European teams to get better. With regular teams I usually blow out the computer by more than 5-6 touchdowns, and that's only in 3 minute quarter games. I know there are Madden gamers on here because this is a game that people of all ages play.


Sorry, I still play Tecmo Bowl.


Sounds like you need to bump up to All-Madden.

I’ve played Madden since the beginning, but haven’t enjoyed any of the current-gen versions on the 360. Thankfully 2K released All-Pro Football this year, so there was at least one game out there with realistic gameplay. Madden boasts itself as a sim, but it’s really become more arcade-y in recent years.


Sometimes I don’t like using the light with the quarterback so that’s mostly why I play on all-pro. But since the Eurpoean quarterbacks are sorry anyway forcing me to use it, I might as well do that.


I play Madden religiously. The game sucks as of late. I still play it on regular Xbox, as the 360/PS3 versions are horrible beyond human comprehension. Tecmo Bowl is more realistic.


madden on the wii with few beers in you and some buddies is really fun