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Madden Curse!


Damn it... On my fantasy football league I got Steelers Defense, and Troy Polamalu got injured already.

I wonder whats going to happen to Larry Fitzgerald.


What do you mean "fantasy football league"?


I'm not familiar with the term and meaning...


You play in leagues with other people... What don't you understand?

Edit: Football as AMERICAN football if you didn't understand by now, btw.


I thought something along those lines, but how do you determine winner of certain games? Is there dice involved?


You pick players. Each player gets points based on their playing statistics in the game. The winner of the fantasy football game has the most points from their players.

No dice. Just stats.


tell me you're not serious?


Take American football, gay it up, and add more arm chair quarterbacks. Fantasy football in a nutshell.


No, I never encountered such "games".

Over here in Europe, computer football (real football) managers are popular, but there is always some chance and computations I think (as well as stats). And it's generaly played alone, except for extra long games with multiple players...


Come on. Not everybody plays NFL dungeons and dragons.


I hate fantasy football, it ruins watching the game. Fuck stats.