Madcow's Periodical or Linear?

[quote]MC sp3 wrote:
Any split can be utilized as many days/wk as you want. Some are more optimal for low frequency ie push/pull or upper/lower. The split I used usually would run 4 days/wk, sometimes I would cycle it early and go 5 or 6 days/wk if my recovery was good in that particular wk. Sometimes I only lifted 3 days in a given week if my recovery was poor that week.

There really isn’t much more info that you need. Read the “Designing a damn good program” thread, make a program, and start using it.[/quote]

Sorry Mc i just realized that i misread that program…i see know that is not 7 days of lifting. Shit…that was crazy but what happened to leg day can i just doi it with shoulders instead ?

Ok i will decide for myself and hopefully this will yield worthy results. Im just gonna pick one 3 day split for size gain not strength and i will keep my fingers crossed and with luck i won’t fuck up like i did 4 years ago.

Alright this is what i have come up with after reading “How To Design A Damn Good Program” again. I picked the Synergy split which goes like likes…
1 Quad Dominant
2 Pull(back, bicep, rear delt)
3 Off
4 Hip Dominant
5 Off
6 Push(Chest, Tric, delt)
7 Off

and this is the exercises that i have so far i might chenge them completely later on, i dont know…

Back-chest supported row
-seated rope rope row to neck
Biceps-scoth bench barbell curl
-hammer curl
Rear Delts-don’t know yet
-chest supported incline raises
Pecs-don’t know yet
-db incline press
Triceps-close grip bench
-cable pulldowns
Delts-muscle clean and press ‘dont know what this is’
-arnold press
{all are 5x10}

I’m not really clear on what i should do for Quad dominant and Hip dominant since i already did squats and deads on SS. What do you guys think about this.

I think you’re trying to make things way too complicated