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Madcow's 5x5

I know Madcow’s guide says specifically not the fuck around with the exercise selection in his 5x5 template, but flat benching makes my shoulders sore for days.

Barring that, T-Nation community, would floor presses be a decent substitute?

If not, can anyone recommend a program that provides strength gains and isn’t too hard on the shoulders?

Its only upper body pressing that makes me sore, squats and deadlifts feel great.

Substituting Floor Presses should be fine. Another alternative would be 2 or 3 board presses.

If your shoulders are messed up you may need to back-off a couple times.

Good luck and keep us posted.

i subbed floor presses for bench presses when i did it a few years ago, my bench went from 265 or 285 (i forget) to 305. i am not naturally strong so this was a big improvement for me. i did the version where you do 5x5 on day 1 & 5rm on day 3 & switch after 4 weeks to 3x3 on day 1 & 3rm on day 3. i did it because my lower back was smoked after the squats & floor pressing allowed my back to rest for the rows. if you are just lifting to get bigger & stronger, give it a shot.