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Madcow Stalls/Troubles


Hey guys.

Ok, so on Friday I hit my PR of 132.5 for 3 reps, my Bench PR 97.5kg for 5 reps, when I went for 3, I got 5 and my Rows 3x80kg.

But today, I couldn't go heavy. I done my Squatting got to 132.5 done 2 reps, done a 3rd which was sketchy and a 4th push which was more my back than anything else, then I went to bench and I got to 80kg and I was hard pushing myself for 5 reps, it just felt as if I couldn't do what I wanted. Then I went on to rows and 70kg felt really really heavy.

I don't know where to go really, I thought of just deloading the rest of the week and not doing a 1x3 on Friday, then back to heavy on Monday again?

What to do..?


You know off days happen, don't get to worried about it. If you want you can take this week easy if you're feeling worn down. Also make sure everything is in check diet and sleep wise. That's all the advice I can offer you.