Madcow Intermediate 5x5

If anyone else has done this let me know if you found it to be really easy?

I feel like i am not doing anything until i get to the last set. I don’t leave the gym exausted and i don’t seem to get really pumped. I plan on doing it at least for 5 weeks to check the strength gains. I am just wondering if anyone else had a similar experience?

There are a gazillion threads on this site about this workout; just search for “5x5”.

In short: yes, it’s easy for the first 4-5 weeks, mostly because it expects people to be coming from a 3x10, bodybuilding-type, split routine; people who are not used to full-body, heavy weights workouts. So, the first 4-5 weeks are for you to get acclimatised to the 5x5 set up; from there onwards, the workouts get tougher by the week.

I followed this very program for 12 weeks and made great gains in strength. Stick to it, cos it’s worth it.

I did this and had some truly impressive gains. All my lifts went up significantly and I put on a good 10 lbs or so while on it. Keep in mind I was eating everything in site.