Madcow 5X5 - Intermediate

I would like to start a log tracking my progress working with Madcow.

Current 5RMs(calculated 1RMs) -

Squat - 270(304)
Bench - 185(208)
Row - 185(208)
Press - 120(135)
Deadlift 360(405)

I have downloaded the template.

These are fairly conservative - to the tune of 5-15% on average I would estimate.

These are the weights I have set up to hit on week four of the program.
I will be using the standard 12.5% set interval.

I’m hoping to be able to run this for 8+ weeks and see some good gains.

July 4 - Week One

Squat x 5 -125,155,190,220,250
Bench x 5 -85,105,130,150,170
Row x 5 -85,105,130,150,170
Accessory - 2 x 8 BW pull ups

Hardest set was squats.

I haven’t really ever done a full body routine so Im excited to see how I respond to benching/squating 3x week.

Wednesday - July 6th

Squat - 5x 125,155,190,190
Press - 5x 70,85,95,110
Deadlift 5x 210,250,295,335

Friday - July 8th

Squat - 5x 125,155,190,220
3x 255
8x 190

Bench - 5x 85,105,130,150
3x 175
8x 130

Row - 5x 85,105,130,150
3x 175
8x 130

Accessory - 2x10 - Leg raises
2x10 - Rope pull downs

That’s the end of week one.

Full body workouts are no doubt hard but with the current lighter weights I haven’t really experienced any soreness yet. I’m guessing that by week 3 things will get hard.

I’m really hoping I can run this for the full 12 weeks and if not at least 8/9. If I can run the 12 weeks I will have made some very impressive gains( will hit the 500lbs deadlift…)

I can already see why people complain about the lower back being overworked- that is the only part of me that is sore - granted I haven’t done bent rows in a very long time or ever with any consistency.

So I have finished up the second week.

Wens - Squat - 5x 130,160,190,190
Press - 5x 70, 85, 100, 115
Deadlift - 5x 215,260,300,345

Friday - Squat 5x 130,160,190,225,
3x 265
8x 190

     Bench 5x 90,110,130,155
           3x 180
           8x 130

     Row - Same as bench 

Excited for next week as that’s the first week that I will be approaching the old Rep PRs. Week 4 I hit them.

Bench set was the most difficult on friday. Lower back is persistently sore but not overly bad. I have been really trying to stretch it out and do contrast shower to improve recovery. It will get interesting in weeks 4/5.

Ill be following your log, thinking about running this myself and would be interested to hear your opinion of it. Good workouts so far, keep it up m8!

Week 3 complete - Hit everything as prescribed


Squat 5x 135,165,200,230,265
Bench 5x 90,115,135,160,180
Row - same as bench


Squat 5x 135,165,200,200
Press 5x 70,85,100,115
Deadlift 5x 220,265,305,350


Squat 5x 135,165,200,230
3x 270
8x 200

Bench 5x 90,115,135,160
3x 185
8x 135

Row - same as bench

Everything is going good. My low back has actually adjusted and I don’t have any more persistent soreness like I did the first 2 weeks. I am taking really cold post workout showers though along with stretching every night which I feel really helps.

The squat for 270x3 was the hardest set this week. I felt like I only had another two reps in me…

Monday - week 4

Squat 5x 135,170,205,235,270
Bench 5x 95,115,140,160,185
Row - same as bench

This is the big week - the week where I hit my previous (pre -cycle) PRs.

The squat was tough - easier though from what I would have guess based on last weeks 270x3.

The bench went up pretty quick - this is really encouraging as my bench has been stalled for a long time. My bench has definitely improved since the beginning of the cycle.

I’m really excited for deadlifting on Wednesday - last weeks 350x5 went up REALLY easy - felt like I could have done 10.

Wednesday week 4

Squat - 5x 135,170,205,205
Press - 5x 75,90,105,120
Deadlift 5x 225,270,315,360

Friday week 4

Squat - 5x 135,170,205,235
3x 275
8x 205

Bench 5x 95,115,140,160
3x 190
8x 140

Row - Same as bench

Week 4 complete - old PRs have been hit, next week I make new PRs. All lifts went up pretty good today - not east by any means but not total grinders. The sets of 3 I felt like I had another 2/3 reps in me.

Really curious to see how long I can run this.

Remember to that I’m on a maintenance diet - holding dead steady at 185lbs.

Monday Week 5

Squat 5x 140,170,205,240,275
Bench 5x 95,120,145,165,190
Row - same as bench

Wens week 5

Squat 5x 140,170, 205,205
Press 5x 75,90,105,120
Deadlift 5x 230,280,325,370

So things are starting to get pretty tuff now. The 370 x 5 deadlift is very close to an all time pr for me. It went up not too bad but was far from easy. A couple months ago I hit 370x7 which was a harder set than this one so I would say that I’m at the same level. Next weeks 380 x 5 should be interesting- hitting that will be a pr. Bench is going good, the 190 x 5 went up easy. Had another 3/4 reps in me at least. That is a bigger improvement than the deadlift.

I plan to run this until I totally stall and miss lifts, then I’m going to text maxes. From there, depending on how much progress I make on this program, I will either run it again or switch it up to the advanced version. I might even try some Westside for a bit which I have never actually truly done - I have done WSFSB.