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Mad Props - Dick Clark


I wanted to come on here and give a big salute to my man dick clark. Anybody who rips into this guy is a douchebag.

After being basically crippled by a friggin stroke, he takes a year off, and then has the BALLS to put himself infront of millions of people and represent to the best of his ability.
He showed a lot of people that having a stroke or any other type of physical disability is not a death sentence, and I hope thousands of others with such disabilities will look to him for inspiration and not think that they have to hide from society.

Supposedly he is still rehabing and will be even better in the years to come.
The sad thing is, his entire right arm didn't seem to work, he didn't stand the entire time, and the right side of his face really didn't move that much, but despite all that, he was still 10 times more interesting than that dickless eunuch(sp?), ryan seacrest.


I totally agree. DC is the man!


Lol, dickless eunuch. That's like calling someone a gay fag or an ass butt. I think I'll be using that one sometime in the near future.


captain logic, that is true, a dickless eunuch is actually an oxymoron.
What I meant to say was a cock smoking eunuch, or something else to that effect.
How ryan seacrest even has a job is beyond me, he really isn't talented. Like I said, dick clark was more interesting than him and wasn't even at his best. He must have really worked over the casting couch, from behind that is.


I agree totally. I took a ton of guts to do what he did and my hat's off to him.


no, don't change it "dickless eunuch" rocks !

and don't worry, it's not an oxymoron. oxymoron is contradictory . like bush saying "we were welcomed, but it was not a peaceful welcome."

i htink you meant to say "redundant" but it's not even that; eunuchs were castrated- no balls- but the rest of the equipment was still very useful to upper echelon women for servicing ...

dickless eunuch kicks ass. keep it !


Let me get this straight, a eunuch, has a penis, but no testicles.


I feel horrible, when I tuned in I didn't see him, all I heard was the voice of a "drunk" or someone who just woke up, and I said to my wife, how can they put someone who's drunk on tv, well I guess they could since it's new year's, then I noticed it was Dick Clark. My Apologies Mr. Clark, you're definetely the man!


Sorry, wrong again. :slight_smile:

An oxymoron is something that sounds contradictory, like "little giant", "large shrimp", or "Miscrosoft Works".

/just sayin'


Yeah, I think that's it. Dickless eunuch is still golden though.


My heart went out to him...I just wanted to hug him


Actually an oxymoron is a really stupid person with acne.


Can we now say that dickless eunich is now a part of the T-Nation vernacular, along the lines of TSB, etc. ?


I always found ......

"I'm a 15 year old T-Man"

to be an oxymoron.


So true sir, so true.


When I first heard him I thought 'WTH happened to him. He sounds terrible. How quickly did he age?" Then I remembered he had a stroke. My grandfather had 3 strokes that left his entire left side drooped and he could barely walk. He was able to talk normally for the most part though. Seeing someone live after multiple strokes is disheartning becuase they are never the same person after, never.