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Mad & Not Gonna Settle Anymore


I just got back from the gym yeterday and im so angry. Ive been training for about 5 years but lately with work and other things ive been slacking... ok not slacking , just not going. Ive let myself go and it only hit me yesterday like a tone of bricks.

I was at the gym ... ehemmm fitness centre and was getting back into it after a couple of months. When this little (personal trainer) told me i was doing an excercise wrong. I know more that these so called (trainers) ive been studying bodybuilding for 7 years now, i have my certificate and i am or was bigger and stronger then him , what nerve he had to tell me i was doing something wrong.

I know i wasnt doing it wrong so that wasnt it..i looked out of shape and didnt know what i was doing. Then i realised something in that seconde.. i was fat,weak and completely discusted with myself and he was completely right, not about the excersise but about me.. i was wrong...i looked like i havent been working out, ive been lying to myself just procrastinating and getting weaker and fatter and more out of shape...

I used to be proud and happy and healthy and strong.. so i say NO MORE!!!! im writing this as a promis to all of you and to myself that this will never happen again... i will not make any more excuses for diet or training or anything.. i will focus and work hard.. In a way im happy this happened that i got pissesd and couldnt sleep , it woke me up and lit a fire in my heart and under my ass...i promis you, NEVER AGAIN...


Good for you. That's the sort of attitude that I feel helps people make the most dramatic changes in their physiques and lives.


amen brother!

That is what Happened to me around a year ago (not the trainer thing)



Bravo! The first step in changing is admitting something is wrong. Its one of the hardest things to do.


good 4 u bro, train hard