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Mad Game




Sounds like Patrick Bateman.



He gave her a DEADLINE. What a tool, trying to say maybe she had psychological issues.



this reminded me of my friend last night. he tried hitting on this bartender and i went to the bathroom and sent him a text that said 'dude stop she's letting you off easy' anyway before we leave this dude is saying to her, 'i know im not a supermodel but i know that if we hung out we'd have a good time. so are you gonna call me, like, give me a yes or no, i can take it'

i had a long talk with him in the car about why that was so uncool.


I need to learn his ways!!


When he said he was Greek I almost shit my pants.


"I'm giving you an opportunity here"...

To what?? Have your brutalized remains dumped in a storm drain?


He's got game.



"Maybe you were abused during childhood, or your mother has cancer and is in chemo"

what a douche


Yeah, fuck that guy.


Was just reading through the video comments and apparently this guy's co workers caught wind of this and have made his myspace profile public- haha.


That guy is a fake piece of shit, I can't stand people like him.


REPOST !!!! Ahahha. Yea, when girlfriends break up with you, at least you can take solace in having a good speech to tell them.


An opportunity...to change your number.
this is scary, if that's what's out there I'm staying home!